The first tournament Kuni has access to. It boasts ten challenges. Between challenges, Kuni has a chance to use items and set up his equipment. Except for the final challenge, the arena is a square arena. Completing nets Kuni the Earth medal and a ton of yen.


  • Defeat the Moon Bear


  1. Defeat five green imps and five red imps
  2. Defeat 6 red imps and 3 yellow imps
  3. Defeat 1 yellow imp and two red phantom samurais with just a sword in the primary weapon slot
  4. Defeat two onikumas
  5. Defeat 5 tournament exclusive moles
  6. Defeat an onikuma and two moles without losing a determined amount of health
  7. Defeat 1 yellow imp and 5 moles
  8. Defeat 1 yellow phantom samurai and 2 green phantom samurai
  9. Endure/defeat 3 tanukis and 6 moles
  10. Defeat Hagane-kyuu without brush techniques


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