Studio(s) FANCU, Locked Arts
Distributor(s) FANCU
Type 2D animated film.
Genre(s) Science-fiction drama.
Country of Origin American-Japanese
Chloë Grace Moretz as Paula.
Theatrical Release Date(s)
December 9, 2014
Home Edition Release Date(s)
March 13, 2015
Original Language English
Budget 10 million
Box Office None yet.
Runtime 135 min.
Series FANCU, Earthbound
Prequel(s) Earthbound Zero*
Sequel(s) Earthbound 2

Earthbound (also known as MOTHER in Japan) is a FANCU upcoming film based on the videogame series, Earthbound/MOTHER specifically, the second game, EARTHBOUND. The movie takes place during the Giygas' war and the tale of the destined four. The movie is also being made by Locked Arts.

No details about the cast, aside that Chloë Grace Moretz, known for being in movies such as Dark Shadows and Kick-Ass 2 will portray the character Paula. Details about story or production hasn't been released, however the director of the movie, Locky Lorean has said that "The team is trying to be the closest as possible with the game's story, but it will have changes". The production so far has costed 10 million dollars and a release date and home edition release date has been published.


Website Summary

Humanity lived in peace, except on the day where a mysterious alien being known as Giygas declares war against humanity. A group of four kids are chosen to be the ones to defeat Giygas. Ness, a kid that prefers to be silent, Paula, a girl that prays for the best for the world, Jeff, a kid genius and Poo, a prince with psychic powers.
One day, a meteor falls on the earth and Ness recieves the message of a friendly alien known as Buzz Buzz. Ness must collect the Eight Melodies and defeat the villian known as Giygas, but the journey isn't going to that easy.


The film's plot is separted into four acts.

Act 1: Buzz Buzz

In one night, a meteor fell somewhere in Onett. The police was quickly called, but before that, two brothers had already went to see what was going on, except one of them was left alone, while the other went to check the meteor. The brother that was left alone was Porky, who quickly called his friend, Ness. Ness and Porky went on to find Porky's brother, Picky. As the bros reunited, an alien bee look-a-like met Ness.

To be continued later because i'm lazy.


So far, only one member of the cast has been confirmed.


The movie has been in production since 2012, when Locked Arts recieved the rights to do a Earthbound movie. Produciton went slowly and filming only started in 2013. Originally, Ness was going to recieve speech lines, but it was later removed. The team originally casted Guillver McGrath to do the role of Ness, but he didn't fit the role of Ness, according to the team. Daniel Day-Lewis was also casted to the team and he would do the role of Dr. Andronuts.

Originally, the movie was going to be a mix of live-action and CGI, with real life actors doing the acts while they were rendered in CGI, but the creators opted to 2D animation, because it fitted better into the game's artstyle. The director, Locky Lorean, said "Earthbound isn't something you can simply do in CGI. It is basically a Hayao Miyazaki anime on drugs in the video game form. It is that Miyazaki's style of the game that we are trying to put into the film." In 2014, the movie has joined the FANCU line. According with the creators, the movie is halfway done. They also said that so far they spent 10 million dollars to do the movie.

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