Earth-Zero is a video game for the Brass Ring that will be released in December 2014. It will be created by Golden Ring, Inc.


A long time ago, the Creators decided to create a universe. This universe was not very large, and only included a single galaxy- and that single galaxy only included a single planet. There were no life forms on this planet whatsoever. They soon decided to start again. They left that universe and created many more. The first universe was forgotten. A few centuries later, the youngest creator, The Black Creator, wanted to explore the universes, so the other Creators allowed him to. However, he turned the life forms in that universe into his army, and he was banished by the eldest Creator, The White Creator. He was banished by falling to the Bottom of the Multiverse, which was 500 miles below the Multiverse. The Multiverse is what connected the universes. The Universes were entered through a Universal Doors. To find a Universal Door, you must reach a planet's core. This applies to every universe- except for three. Two of them were the first and last universes created by the Creators. The third was the abandoned universe. On his way down, The Black Creator fell into the door of the Abandoned Universe. He created his new army here. Meanwhile, somebody from the first or last universe created, I am not sure which universe, found a Universal Door and fell to the Abandoned Universe and was struck by lightning. Due to two universes colliding, he did not die, but he could rather touch or hold any form of electricity. The Black Creator then tried to destroy him, as he thought he was a force sent to stop his army. The Gray Creator then decided to help this person, and told him to take down The Black Creator's army. If he were to, The Gray Creator said he would grant him the ability to travel between universes whenever he would like. The human then set on his adventure on Universe Zero- Earth-Zero. Who was he? His name was Jay. Jay Lightning.



  • Jay Lightning


  • The Gray Creator
  • The White Creator
  • The Rainbow Creator
  • Palm Tree


  • Rockthroo
  • BOOMerang
  • Electrog
  • Smoothee
  • Block-Block
  • Zoomzak
  • Wood Trekker
  • The Black Creator


  • Forevergreen Forest
  • Repeach Trees
  • Recharge Barge
  • Insidious City
  • Blocano Cone
  • Lightspeederous Garden
  • Wooden Temple
  • The Black Creation

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