Early World is a video game for the Wii U and Xbox One. It is a story in which 3 early empires on an unknown planet fight to gain more colonies in their world. The game looks at each empire (Zelpha Empire, Orengal Empire and Pacifical Empire)'s story until the rightful end of the plot.


Early World is a third person war game. Your character will normally wield early-day weapons such as swords. You are to fight off as much land as you can and claim territory. TBA (looks boring at the moment, but I'll expand soon)


Zelpha Empire


Orengal Empire


Pacifical Empire



  • Each empire is based off of real life empires. Zelpha is based off of the Han Empire, with an early-Asian like feeling, the Orengal Empire is based off of the Roman Empire and the Pacifical Empire is based off of the Russian Empire.

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