Eario Circuit
Eario Circuit is a course which appears in Mario Kart 9th. It is the second course in the Mushroom Circuit. It also is the only course based on a fanon character, Eario, who also is the only fanon character in the game. The course takes place in a junkyard.


After you start you will take a right turn and pick up some item boxes. You make a left turn immediately followed by a right turn. You drive over a long piece of road which had four speed bars, two on each side. You make another right turn and drive into a cave of junk to say so, which has item boxes in it. You drive forwards and take a U-turn with item boxes and drive upwards. In the U-turn you can take a shortcut with a mushroom. You then jump over a car crusher (?) with item boxes,  glide down, and then drive down again, make another U-turn and go to the finish.


The course is set in a giant junkyard with many high stacked pieces of junk. Kinda similar to how it looks in the WALL-E movie. At the start you can see Eario's cabin, which has a pipe as chimney. Once you continue you also spot giant pipes in the background, and an industry building with long pipe chimney's on top. The cave of junk is just a high stacked mountain of junk. When you enter you can see some Swoopers on the ceiling. You have to look out with the jump as cars will be dropped in the disposal to get crushed. So time your jump right.


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