Eagle is a British character from the Street fighter series. He is named after the Golfing term "Eagle". A cold-blooded individual, Eagle is a bouncer who was employed as anewly-rich noble family's bodyguard during the first World Warrior tournament. He was hired to defeat Sagat, but was unsuccessful and returned to the bar scene, eventually becoming a living legend.

Nintendo vs. Capcom

Eagle makes his 4th outing as a playable character in Nintendo vs. Capcom. He still retains his clubs and even has a new move where he can put his clubs together.

Special Moves

Manchester Black: Quarter-Circle Back + Punch. Eagle spins around with his clubs hitting anything in his path.

Canterbury Blue: Quarter-Circle Forward + Punch. Eagle spins one of his clubs and hits his opponent's knee with it. It can be held to make the move stronger and cause his opponent to clutch his/her leg in pain.

Oxford Red: Half-Circle Forward + Kick. Eagle dashes forward and tries to hit with one of his clubs. If he connects he hits his opponent with his right club 5 times then knocks his opponent away with his left club.

Liverpool White: Quarter-Circle Back + Kick. Eagle jumps forward brings one of his clubs down hitting his opponent in the head.

Saint Andrews Green: Dragon Punch Motion + Punch. Eagle swings both clubs up like a golf club knocking his opponent into the air. This gives Eagle a chance to jump up and do an air combo.

Manchester Gold: 2 Quarter Circle Back + Punch. Eagle spins around in a much faster version of the Manchester Black. During this you can use the Analog Thumb-Pad to move him around.

Union Jack Platinum: 2 Quarter Circle Forward + Punch. Eagle moves forward while hitting at his opponent with his clubs then finishes with a stronger version of the Oxford Red.

Wimbledon Yellow: 2 Quarter Circle Forward + Kick. Eagle puts his clubs together forming a bojutsu then does a series of swings as he steps forward hitting at his opponent with great accuracy. He finishes by spinning his club-made staff in a circle then hitting the ground pretty hard creating a shockwave, He then takes the clubs back apart.

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