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Developer(s) Keyhole Gaming
Console Type Handheld
Release Date January 1, 2013
HD Graphics

128-bit Graphics

Backward Compatibility Nintendo 3DS

EXGamer is the first handheld created by Keyhole Gaming, the EXGamer is capable to re-produce HD graphics, the handheld was released in January 1, 2013. The portable has retro compatibilty with the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS and can be connected with the Nintendo Silver.


EXGamer, like the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS, feature game cards, the EXGamer's Game Cards are two times more bigger than the 3DS one. EXGamer is possible to create HD graphics and it has a lot of apps, including the GA's, that are the avatar of the players. Gamer Village is also a new feature, where the player can decorate his own village and visit the other players and invite GA's for your village.

EXGamer also feature a Virtual Console.



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