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June 20th, 2011

Interviewer: How do you think the NIntendo NS will sell?

Usernamer2: I would hope good, but being part of Nintendo, we are already working on a new system!

Interviewer: Is it called the Current Generation Portable? Next Gen. Smartphone? A Rollercoster?

Usernamer2: Very Funny. It is called the Touch in America, the Ninto in PAL, and iDS in Japan!

Interviewer: So one of EVT's systems will be sold in Japan?

Usernamer2: Correct!

Interviewer: Are the cames sold on Nintendisks again?

Usernamer2: No, they are dowloadable via the app store lookalike, Plus-Shop!

Interviewer: Wow! So you can demo games loike WiiWare demos?

Usernamer2: Of course! VC returns, too!

Interviewer: Do you got any game ideas?

Usernamer2: Of course! A sequal to WarioWare: Touched! and a new Tetris will be avalable at launch!

Interviewer: I gotta go!

Usernamer2: Bye!

June 30th, 2011

Usernamer2: WarioWare Touched 2 is canned for a while.

Interviewer: And what is taking it's place?

Usernamer2: SSB! Bye!

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