The Everlasting Fantendo Game Expo is a Expo where gaming companies can anounce their new games, series, systems or whatever! If you want to work at the EFGE, you can just put your announcements in here, anytime you want! But please, put a date with it.

Lucoshi Productions

24-5-2012: New System

"We are making a system that you can play as a handheld, and like the wii, from a distance." that is what Luc Scholtze (Leader of Lucoshi Productions) told us. "We will tell you a lot more about it on the Fantendo World expo.". "I can already tell you that this will also be playable in 3D and you'll have to put on a little band to control the games (unless you play with it as a handheld)". "Also with a lot of games there will be a new gameplay accesoire to control with included.".

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