The E-Verse is one of the many Alternate Fantendoverses and is the second attempt by Athena Hawkins (tbc) at creating such, focusing on new character Elisin, who is the center of the universe's overall story.  This character is an almighty God who vaguely resembles a cross between Cthulhu and Black Eyes who formed their own world after being banished from the central one, deemed too powerful and corrupted to continue their existence in the Fantendoverse.  As revenge, they formed evil, corrupted versions of each character they can remember and formed them into their own personal slaves and assistants in hopes that they can break their way back into Elisin's homeland.

Compared to old project ZAXALT, the E-Verse takes place in just one location: Murkon.  This is a dark empire held on one of only a few islands in an endless sea of the E-Verse.  Underwater civilizations and caverns have been built by Elisin in an effort to find as many stable materials from underground as possible.  As "Team Elisin" attempts to escape their world, they are also beginning to sink their main land, dangering most of the infrastructure like it were New Orleans.  All characters automatically have the ability to breathe and communicate underwater unless otherwise specified on a character's page.  While having ties to the main Fantendoverse, it is not an important event as of current and had been banished by a Zaxinian character to prevent any potential loopholes.


A dark, eerie world clouded in a deep haze that rarely clears up, with the moon always appearing to be large and ominous.  Strong gales filter through the E-Verse, worsening the already chilly world that receives no sun.  The land is plentiful and furtile, but requires artificial sunlight to enable photosynthesis.  The best material comes from underground, but is protected by angry piranha-like warriors that bite and gnash apart any invaders that come their path.  Characters in this universe often look frail, ill, demented, broken, "edgy", and the like, or in desperate need of repair if they're robots.  Rain is brought about by a lonely spirit that warms up the waters from afar, sinking any ships that dare come near her or go too far from home.  Elisin had no control on what the world would be like, because it captured their emotions and imagination.

As documented by E-VERSE Zonas, the world is "the embodiment of misery itself".


There are not supposed to be many characters in the E-Verse, but they come in waves.  The "Primary Wave" consists of 16 characters that Elisin formed twisted versions of with her mind, while subsequent waves would introduce 8 more.  The final roster is unknown.

Primary Wave

Those in the Primary Wave are considered the most important characters in the story, often having roles in the E-Verse.

Secondary Wave

In this wave and beyond, characters are usually just "notable citizens" but some play some very necessary roles in the E-Verse.


  • H.P. Lovecraft is literally the only reason why this exists
  • The E-Verse is intended to inspire/motivate the creator to do things if they're in a rut
  • If you have a problem with a character being here I'll remove them