E-9 Bazooka
Name E-9 Bazooka
Weapon Family Rocket Launchers
Damage 25-35
Projectile Speed 40-65
Cost 150 Chicken Coins
Because half the time when a chicken used the E-8, they would blow themselves up into smithereens, we decided to enhance upon it with extended range, bigger missiles and actual insurance this time.
Catalog Description of the E-9 Bazooka, Chickens

The E-9 Bazooka is an enhanced Bazooka which is part of the Rocket Launchers weapons family. The E-9 is unlocked once the player researches upon the original E-8 and each round can be brought from the Weapons Market for 150 Chicken Coins. Despite its enhanced statistics which beat the E-8's, it has a limited ammo supply, meaning that the shots are more valuable and should not be wasted.

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