E-8 Bazooka
Name E-8 Bazooka
Weapon Family Rocket Launchers
Damage 25-30 (Per Shot)
Projectile Speed 40-60
Cost Free
Tired of being treated like the lowest person on the social ladder? Has your girlfriend been taken by a chicken with a Sports Car and overly expensive designer sunglasses? Well look no further, with the E-8 Bazooka, your worries will be blasted away! Note: All injuries, blown-off limbs and death are not intended and thus will not be treated and thus, no refunds are issued.
E-8 Catalog Description, Chickens

The E-8 Bazooka is the base weapon in the Rocket Launcher weapons family and is the first used with the game alongside it's researched version, the E-9 Bazooka. The weapon is generally well-rounded and is an essential survival tool because of it's infinite ammo supply. It is however outclassed by the E-9 Bazooka once researched.

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