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E-101 Beta
E-101 Beta
E-101 MKII
Both versions of E-101 Beta; his original form (above) and his upgraded form (below).
Full Name E-101 Beta (“β”)
Current Age Unknown
Gender None (referred as a male).
Species Robot
Current Status Deceased (Reborn in Sonic Adventure IV)
Class E-Series Robot
Main Weapon(s) Cannon
Ability/ies Firing Guided Missiles and Energy Blasts, Temporary Energy Shield, Advanced Tracking System, Teleportation, High-speed Flight and Levitation, Shielded Arm Gauntlets.
E-101 (Beta) Kai, E-101 (Beta) Mark II, Beta One and ONE.
Voice Actor(s)
Andrew Rannels
First Appearance Sonic Adventure
Latest Appearance Sonic Adventure IV

E-101 Beta (“β”), or Beta One, is the first prototype of the E-100 army created by Dr. Eggman. It was built with a Jet Booster and twin Guided Missile Launchers for hands. After being defeated by E-102 Gamma, Beta was rebuilt as E-101 (Beta) MkII.


Beta was, by Dr. Eggman, "Gamma's big brother". Eggman put both Beta and Gamma to fight to see which one was better, Gamma won the battle and Beta was destroyed. Gamma gained the control to serve the Egg Carrier and his model was re-used for other E-100 robots.

Eggman, unhappy with Beta's design, later rebuilt Beta as E-101 Mark II. It was defeated by Gamma on his mission to free the flickies inside the E-100 series robots.

Since then, E-101 Beta and the other robots had never appeared in another Sonic game, as they are canonically dead (not actually "dead", since the Flicky inside of him was still alive, but the robots itself were destroyed by Gamma). However, Beta appeared in the Sonic Adventure arc of Sonic X and as a collectible card in Sonic Rivals.


"Frankenstein" All Over Again


Continuing Gamma's Legacy

Mysteriously reactivated during the events of Sonic Adventure IV, Beta encountered Amy Rose and, in a fit of confusion, attacks her, only to be swiftly hammered into submission. Beta then proceeds to help his newfound friend find a Flicky, only to have a run in with his "baby brother", E-123 Omega, who promptly attacks Beta. After a brief clash, Beta dedicates himself to a new cause: stop Eggman from achieving world domination.

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Call to Arms