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E's logo
This is a New Sreies
Spinoff(s) Super Mario
First Game E's World


E's World (Fall 2014)

E's Karting (Sunmer 2015)

E's Land (March 15 2016)

E's Pinball (Fall 2017)

E's Party (Sunmer 2018)

E's World 2: Foo 2019

E's Party 2 2020

Foo 2 2025

E's Party 3 2022

E's Super Land 2022

E's Ice World 2022

E's Super Karting 2023

Foo 64 2024

E's Party 4 2024

E's Ice Land 2024

Paper E 2025

Foo 3 2030

Foo 4 2035

Foo 5: The Lost Worlds 2037

Foo 6 2040

E's Golf 2045

E's Karting DS Late 2045

E's AllStars 2046

Foo 7 2047

E's Sports Mix 2049

E's Art 2050

E's Karting 3DS 2051

E's Karting 2DS 2055

Foo 8 2056

Foo 9 2058

E's Golf 2 2059

Untitled E's Game 2060 

Foo 10 2064

Untitled E's Game TBA

Untitled E's Game TBA



E's Karting Double Dash!! TBA

E's Boom TBA

E's Extreme TBA

E's Ball and Jacks TBA

Foo 11 TBA

E's AllStar 2 TBA

E's Ball and Jacks 2 TBA

Untitled E's Karting Game TBA

Mario & E Party TBA

Mario & E Karting TBA

Mario & E Sports TBA

E's Adventure (Only for the PC and ISO) TBA


E's Demo (just a Tech Demo for E3)

E's World 2 (rework into E's World 2: Foo)

E's World 3: Super Star (rework into Foo 2)

E's Fun (rework into E's Party)

E's World Ultra (did not make it to E3)

E's Doom (just a Tech Demo for E3)

E's Ride (rework into E's Karting)

Bomber Man and E (rework into E's Boom)

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