Dong Zhuo Story Mode

Scenario Camp Characters
Chapter 1: Yellow Turban Rebellion No Dong Zhuo, Hua Xiong
Chapter 2: Battle of Liang Province Yes Dong Zhuo, Hua Xiong
Chapter 3: Battle of Sishui Gate Yes Dong Zhuo, Hua Xiong, Zhang Liao
Hypothetical Conditions
Changes & Effects
  • Ensure Hua Xiong's safety.
  • Defeat Sun Jian before he receives the supplies.
  • Enables Hua Xiong to appear as a playable character in future battles.
  • Unlocks Chapter 3-X.
Chapter 3-X: Ten Eunuchs' Rebellion No Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu, Hua Xiong
Chapter 4: Battle of Xingyang No Zhang Liao, Gao Shun, Diaochan, Hua Xiong *
Chapter 5: Battle of Hulao Gate Yes Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu, Zhang Liao
Note: Talk to Lu Bu to begin Historical Route or speak with Hua Xiong to open Hypothetical Route.
Historical Route
Chapter 6H: Escape from Luoyang No Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu, Diaochan
Chapter 7H: Battle of Zhongmu Yes Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu, Diaochan
Chapter 8H: Raid of Yingchuan No Dong Zhuo, Zhang Liao, Chen Gong
Chapter 9H: Uprising at Chang'an No Dong Zhuo
Hypothetical Route
Chapter 6W: TBA TBA TBA
Chapter 7W: TBA TBA TBA
Chapter 8W: TBA TBA TBA
Chapter 9W: TBA TBA TBA

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