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Story Mode

Scenario Year Camp Characters
Chapter 1: Yellow Turban Rebellion 184 No Zhang Jiao, Liao Hua, Zhou Cang
Chapter 2: Battle of Liang Province 189 Yes Ma Teng. Ma Chao, Pang De
Chapter 3: Battle of Sishui Gate 190 Yes Hua Xiong, Lu Bu, Diaochan
Chapter 4: Battle of Hulao Gate 191 No Lu Bu, Diaochan, Gao Shun
Chapter 5: Battle of Jieqiao 191 Yes Gongsun Zan, Zhao Yun, Liu Bei
Chapter 6: Battle of Xiapi 198 Yes Lu Bu, Chen Gong, Lu Lingqi
Chapter 7: Battle of Shouchun 199 Yes Yuan Shu
Chapter 8: Battle of Guandu 200 Yes Yuan Shao, Liu Bei, Zhao Yun
Chapter 9: Battle of Nanzhong 225 No Meng Huo, Zhurong

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