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Dynasty Warriors 9
Developer(s) Omega Force, NovaPen Productions
Publisher(s) Tecmo Koei, NovaPen Productions
Platform(s) PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii U
Release Date(s)
December 16, 2015
Single player, multiplayer, co-op
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Hack and Slash, Action
Series Dynasty Warriors
Predecessor Dynasty Warriors 8
Successor Unconfirmed
Media Included DVD, Blu-Ray disc, download, 3DS Card, Wii U Optical Disc

Dynasty Warriors 9 is the ninth game in the Dynasty Warriors main series. It is the first game in the main series to be released on a Nintendo console. It is the first game to be developed and published collaboratively with NovaPen Productions.


The gameplay of Dynasty Warriors 9 is based on previous "Dynasty Warriors" games. It is a hack-and-slash beat-'em-up 3-D action game.

The game features multiple modes. Story Mode presents a number of chronologically consecutive battle stages revolving around one chosen kingdom. As you complete more battles in Story Mode, you will unlock more stages for use in Free Mode. You'll be able to play as either side of a battle in this mode and all stats/weapons acquired can be carried over to the other modes. Free Mode allows for two-player cooperative gameplay. Challenge Mode introduces a number of specialized stages with specific challenges, including time trials. The Encyclopedia feature gives a description of each officer in Dynasty Warriors 9, including every non-player character. The Options feature stores viewed pre-rendered videos and offers gameplay and presentation options to the player.


Story Mode

The historical story mode that first follows the Three Kingdoms' stories. When these tales conclude, the player can then play the Jin faction to end the era.

Free Mode

Free Mode

Free Mode in Dynasty Warriors 9 is essentially identical to the Free modes in all previous game titles. In Free mode, players may select any unlocked stage and play that stage with any unlocked character. Additional characters must be unlocked by playing through the Story Modes of each kingdom and completing special side stories in Conquest Mode.

Conquest Mode

It is a mode to the series which lets players explore another side of the Three Kingdoms era. Compared to Story Mode's fixed settings, Conquest Mode encourages freedom for the player to do whatever they see fit. Within this mode, players can earn the ultimate weapons in the game and unlock various playable characters. Specific stories and stages are set to be made exclusive to this mode. Two players with an online connection can choose to play through this mode together. Normal co-op with two controllers is also available. Similar to the Legendary Mode of previous titles, these preset scenarios are separated into three categories:

  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms themed events.
  • "What-if?" stories.
  • Side stories to showcase talents of individual characters.

Either interactive section in the mode can lead to more episodes or an ending in the mode. Once a stage is cleared, the player may choose to either move onto another episode or complete the same one again as many times as they like. Characters share their stats and strengths in either of the two playable modes. This means rewards gained in Conquest Mode can be used in Story Mode and vice versa. The player's character can also form friendly bonds with other characters in this mode for their everlasting support.

Ambition Mode

Players are tasked with raising the Tongquetai Palace, a safe haven for peasants. The overall goal is to increase the tower's popularity so that even the emperor (Emperor Xian) will visit. To fund the tower's construction and status, players need to fight in various battles; defeating enemy officers allows them to be recruited as a partner.

Players start out with the weapon shop as their sole base facility. More can be added or expanded upon as the town gradually becomes populated with people. These include a food market, a trade shop, a menagerie, etc.

Battles are divided into four categories: Skirmishes, Unconventional Battles, Great Battles, and Mock Battles.

  • Skirmishes grant materials.
  • Unconventional Battles help increase fame.
  • Great Battles tend to reward players with new recruitable partners.
  • Mock Battles allow the player to face off against allies, though they will not drop any materials or weapons. Tongquetai Palace must be completely constructed first in order to unlock this type of battle.


Image, movie, motion, event, and voice gallery for the characters in the game.


Features timeline and biographies like in previous titles. Also includes a glossary of terms mentioned in the novel.


Change settings for the game.


Explains gameplay mechanics and techniques. Play as Liu Bei and learn the basic movements and controls of the game.


The following is a list of the playable characters in the game.

Name Kingdom Weapon Description
Bao Sanniang Shu Han Bladed yo-yo TBA
Bianshi* Cao Wei Parasol TBA
Cai Wenji Cao Wei Konghou TBA
Cao Cao Cao Wei General's sword TBA
Cao Hong* Cao Wei Wolf teeth mace TBA
Cao Pi Cao Wei Dual blade TBA
Cao Ren Cao Wei Spiked shield TBA
Chen Gong Other Bamboo scroll TBA
Chen Tai* Western Jin Sword and sheath TBA
Cheng Pu* Eastern Wu Double-edge spear TBA
Daqiao Eastern Wu Pugil sticks TBA
Deng Ai Western Jin Drill spear TBA
Dian Wei Cao Wei Axe TBA
Diaochan Other Chain whip TBA
Ding Feng Eastern Wu Circle blade TBA
Dong Zhuo Other Bomb TBA
Du Yu* Western Jin Spring and Autumn Annals TBA
Fa Zheng Shu Han Woven cloth TBA
Gan Ning Eastern Wu Flail TBA
Gao Shun* Other Hammer TBA
Guan Ping Shu Han Zanbatō TBA
Guan Suo Shu Han Sabatons TBA
Guan Xing Shu Han Wingblades TBA
Guan Yinping Shu Han Dual-headed mace TBA
Guan Yu Shu Han Guan dao TBA
Guo Huai Western Jin Arm cannon TBA
Guo Jia Cao Wei Orb and scepter TBA
Han Dang Eastern Wu Short pike TBA
Hua Xiong* Other Saw sword TBA
Huang Gai Eastern Wu Iron boat TBA
Huang Zhong Shu Han Bow TBA
Jia Chong Western Jin Throwing axes TBA
Jia Xu Cao Wei Chain and sickle TBA
Jiang Wei Shu Han Double-edge trident TBA
Li Dian Cao Wei Wheeled halberd TBA
Lianshi Eastern Wu Mandarin duck hooks TBA
Liao Hua* Shu Han Flagpole spear TBA
Ling Tong Eastern Wu Sanjiegun TBA
Liu Bei Shu Han Twin swords TBA
Liu Shan Shu Han Dragon bench TBA
Lu Bu Other Halberd TBA
Lu Kang* Eastern Wu Thin sword TBA
Lu Lingqi Other Cross halberd TBA
Lu Meng Eastern Wu Pike TBA
Lu Su Eastern Wu Rake TBA
Lu Xun Eastern Wu Swallow swords TBA
Ma Chao Shu Han Stallion spear TBA
Ma Dai Shu Han Large paintbrush TBA
Ma Su** Shu Han Feather whip TBA
Man Chong*** Cao Wei Monk spade TBA
Meng Huo Other Stone pillar and various large objects TBA
Pang De Cao Wei Dual ji TBA
Pang Tong Shu Han Shadow fan TBA
Sima Shi Western Jin Lightning sword TBA
Sima Yan* Western Jin Serrated sword TBA
Sima Yi Western Jin Horsehair whip TBA
Sima Zhao Western Jin Striking sword TBA
Sun Ce Eastern Wu Dual tonfas TBA
Sun Jian Eastern Wu Nine rings blade TBA
Sun Quan Eastern Wu Flame blade TBA
Sun Shangxiang Eastern Wu Bladed wheels TBA
Taishi Ci Eastern Wu Twin rods TBA
Wang Ping* Shu Han Throwing shield TBA
Wang Yi Cao Wei Trishula TBA
Wang Yuanji Western Jin Throwing daggers TBA
Wei Yan Shu Han Double-bladed voulge TBA
Wen Yang Western Jin Javelin TBA
Wu Guotai* Eastern Wu Baoding balls TBA
Xiahou Ba Western Jin Siege spear TBA
Xiahou Dun Cao Wei Podao TBA
Xiahou Yuan Cao Wei Bow and rod TBA
Xiaoqiao Eastern Wu Twin fans TBA
Xin Xianying*** Western Jin Crystal orb TBA
Xingcai Shu Han Sword and tower shield TBA
Xu Huang Cao Wei Battle axe TBA
Xu Shu Shu Han Fencing sword and hooked dagger TBA
Xu Zhu Cao Wei Giant mace TBA
Xun Yu Cao Wei Formation wand TBA
Yang Hu* Western Jin Harpoon TBA
Yang Huiyu* Western Jin Emei piercers TBA
Yu Jin Cao Wei War trident TBA
Yuan Shao Other Extension blade TBA
Yuan Shu* Other Revolving crossbow TBA
Yue Jin Cao Wei Dual hookblades TBA
Yueying Shu Han Tongnu with blade attachment TBA
Zhang Bao Shu Han Flail sword TBA
Zhang Chunhua Western Jin Wired gloves TBA
Zhang Fei Shu Han Viper spear TBA
Zhang He Cao Wei Claws TBA
Zhang Jiao Other Staff TBA
Zhang Liao Cao Wei Twin axes TBA
Zhao Yun Shu Han Dragon spear TBA
Zhenji Cao Wei Flute TBA
Zhong Hui Western Jin Flying swords TBA
Zhou Cang** Shu Han Nunchaku TBA
Zhou Tai Eastern Wu Katana and using Battōjutsu TBA
Zhou Yu Eastern Wu Bō staff TBA
Zhu Ran Eastern Wu Flame bow TBA
Zhuge Dan Western Jin Short rod TBA
Zhuge Liang Shu Han Feather fan TBA
Zhurong Other Boomerang TBA
Zuo Ci Other Talisman cards TBA

* Denotes new characters to the series
** Denotes characters added through Dynasty Warriors 9: Xtreme Legends
*** Denotes characters added through Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires
Bold denotes default characters (Dynasty Warriors 9 only)

Related Games

Like previous games in the series, Dynasty Warriors 9 is followed by two expansions. The first, Dynasty Warriors 9: Xtreme Legends was released for PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and Xbox One on September 28, 2015 worldwide. It includes additional features not present in Dynasty Warriors 9, such as a new story mode dedicated to Ma Teng and his forces, new stages for the rest of the kingdoms and other characters, new content for Ambition Mode, a new EX attack for each character, and two new playable characters: Ma Su and Zhou Cang. It also enables cross-platform multiplayer.

The second expansion, Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires was released for the PlayStation 4, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Xbox One on October 4, 2015. Like previous Empires expansions, the game focuses more on a strategical and tactical battle system. It allows players to modify the player force's flags, horses, and soldiers, as well as featuring large-scale strategems, enhanced from Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires. In addition to the marriage system, players' officers can have children with their spouses. Two new playable characters were added in Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires: Man Chong and Xin Xianying.

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