The Dynamite Crew are a group of people from all over the world who protect Earth's residents. They have people based in many different areas of the world. Their leader is a young man from Taiwan who goes by the name of Fez. His second-in-command is called Amigo.


The Dynamite Crew originated when Fez and Amigo, two guys from different parts of the world, made a connection. Fez was looking for work and Amigo was wandering the streets, and Fez ran into Amigo. They clicked instantly and became friends. Amigo noticed the high crime in the area and thought it'd be a good idea to form some sort of crew to fight for the safety of Earth. Thinking it'd be a small thing with 9-10 guys, Fez accepted the idea. Why they picked the name Hat Brigade is unknown.


Fez - One of the co-founders, Fez is an upbeat guy. He normally hangs around his town's arcade, looking for someone to fight in Street Fighter IV. His real name is Rok Sebic.

Amigo - The other co-founder, Amigo is always in the party mood. He is hard to bring down. His real name is Sean Guerrero.

Krystal - Main article: Krystal Pérez

Amy - Main article: Amy Jackson


  • The Dynamite Crew is supposed to be a homage to The Wonderful 101.

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