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Dyna Blade

Dyna Blade is a character who debuted in the Kirby title Kirby Super Star, and made a few other appearances in the Kirby series. She appears as a recurring boss, and occasionally as an ally as well.

Physical Appearance

Dyna Blade is an enormous bird with a white-feathered body and a red-feathered head, wearing a red, vest-like armor adorned with a blue gem. Her red head also sports a yellow, mohawk-like comb and green-blue feathers on her head's side. Dyna also has red and yellow tailfeathers, and she has metallic wings with razor-sharp feathers, as well as feathers in the colors of the rainbow on both sides of her wings.


In her debut appearance, Kirby Super Star, Dyna Blade is the antagonist of a subgame that shared the same name. In Dyna Blade, the enormous bird of the same name appears to be destroying all the crops of Dream Land, and Kirby has to put a stop to her wreckage. When Kirby defeats Dyna Blade, it turns out Dyna was only snatching the crops to feed her children, three Dyna Chicks. Kirby decides to help her taking care of the chicks, and resolves the feeding issue by using apples from Whispy Woods instead of crops.

Dyna later appears in the sub-game Revenge of Meta Knight, by flying Kirby over to the Halberd, Meta Knight's ship. She then got injured by the ship's Combo Cannon.



  • Dyna Blade's name comes from blade and dynamic.
  • Dyna Blade has been called a male character twice by mistake; in her other appearances, Dyna Blade is referred as a female.