DynaCritic is an aggregator created and run by user EximusMax that reviews games and movies on Fantendo, both finsihed and unfinished, and is to be part of the League of Fantendo Critics 2.0. It looks deeply into games and decides a final rank from the information collected, as well as inform the game's developer(s) on where it excels and what could use improvement. It offically launched on January 22, 2016.

Users can request a game to be reviewed by asking so in the comment section.


A game's basic information are judged during reviews. There are five things DynaCritic looks at during a review:

  • How Good is it?: Is the game well-made and thought out? Would I ever want to play this game myself?
  • Characters: Are the characters well thought out? Are they well-designed? Would I want to root for the main protagionst? Do they have a unique and creative personality?
  • Gameplay: Is this gameplay style possible to play with? Does it have any flaws? Is it compelling and/or fun?
  • Art: Does the article have any art? If it does, how well are the designs?
  • Style/Grammar: Is the article set up nicely? Does it look good to eye? Does it look interesting without having to read anything?

Rank System

Rank Description
DynaCriticPageS This game is absolutely stunning! It's almost or IS perfect! It's amazing in every way, no flaws to be seen! INCREDIBLE! The best of the best!
DynaCriticPageA This game is overall great! You did an amazing job on it! There are few things here and there that may need revising, but fix them up and you could land yourself at S rank!
DynaCriticPageB A good game, but not as good as an A rank game. It's very well developed, but it could still use a bit of work. Just a few more adjustments should do the trick!
DynaCriticPageC This is...okay. It's not the best game ever, though. Kind of a 50. There's quite some work to be done here, but it's not too late!
DynaCriticPageD This is bad. It's not very interesting, and it isn't something I'd want to play. It'll take a bit more than some work to get this game in the B or A zone.
DynaCriticPageF Horrible. Absoulately horrible. This game cannot be saved, it's just...dirt. DIRT. Revise it all, burn it all down!

List of Reviewed Games:

S Rank

A Rank

B Rank

C Rank

D Rank

F Rank

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