Dyllan Altmanti
Current Age 16
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Peace Key City
Dyllan Altmanti is a protagonist of The Triad, the first story of Voidverse Future. He is the Light Persona during the time of the story, and is critical in the plan to stop the Mikul Disasters.






Vincent Altmanti

Vincent is Dyllan's father.

Allison Cerato

Allison is Dyllan's girlfriend. She is also part of The Triad, along with Dyllan and Evell.

Evell Holder

Evell is part of The Triad, along with Dyllan and Allison.


  • Dyllan shares the "ll" tag in his name with several other characters with Light abilities. This tag was used at Leading Laboratories to track the powerful light children. However, because Dyllan was never a Leading Labs child, it can be theorized that he was given the name for symbolic reasons.

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