Sure, everybody says it's not good to only see things in black and white. What they don't know is that not everyone can see in color.

Current Age 21
Gender Female
Species Human/Mist hybrid
Main Weapon(s) Quill pen
Ability/ies Duplication


Ink manipulation

Dyana is a character developed by Pyro Enterprises. She possesses a minor role in the Pyroverse as a whole, primarily acting as a minion of Inversim.


Having been raised and taught from infancy by Inversim, Dyana is a prim, proper, and polite schoolgirl-ish person. While she works to further her master's possibly evil desires, she does not prefer to be actively hostile towards her enemies, and treats them nicely even during combat.

Dyana's mental state has been noted as not as stable as most humans, as she acts like a child much younger than her biological age from time to time and occasionally has temper tantrums when things get really out of hand. It is highly likely that she possesses schizophrenia, alongside other issues caused by her Mist DNA.


Dyana is a bit of an experiment for her master Inversim; an attempt to take the normally incomprehensible lifeforms known as Mists and force the immense power into a non-eldritch shape. As a mixture of human and Mist DNA, Dyana was built to harness the power of the latter, and as such possesses many similar abilities. However, as her body lacks the formless nebulaic energy-based body and materials, she uses ink as a conduit instead.

Dyana acts as one of Inversim's lead commanders, specifically acting as a master for captured and manufactured Mists alongside basic drones.


As she is primarily made up of Mist DNA, Dyana's body is extremely malleable and can contort into millions of alternate forms. Unlike normal Mists, she is only capable of taking on the form of humanoid creatures as opposed to other builds, and she cannot assume basic elemental forms like Mists can. She is also capable of splitting her body's matter into multiple copies of her primary form, retaining the basic size but having lowered strength and defense.

Dyana also possesses basic umbrakinesis powers alongside her signature ink manipulation ability. Using ink as a conduit, Dyana is capable of replicating more advanced Mist abilities, such as manipulation of nebulaic energy.


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  • Dyana's name is based off of the name Diana and the word dye, referring to her ink-based abilities.