The Dyamond Dayzee is a one-of-a-kind subspecies of the Crazee Dayzee that appears in Paper Mario: The Shards of Time. She appears as a secret boss.

Unlike her brethren, the Dyamond Dayzee has an actual personality; she is decidedly arrogant and vain, but is much more neutral than evil.

Physical Description

She appears similar to a Crazee Dayzee, but her petals are light blue, and are translucent. Her face is white with light blue cheeks, and her feet are blue, while she has a lighter blue body. Her body also shines like that of an Amazee Dayzee.


HP: 40
ATK: 10 (sing), 20 (when charged)
DEF: 2


Apart from the normal Sing attack that all Dayzees have, the Dyamond Dayzee can also charge up energy (similar to a Hyper Goomba), raising her attack to a deadly 20.


With an ATK stat of 10, and an HP of 40, she does less damage than the Amazee Dayzee, but is much more resilient. She also has a DEF of 2. You'll want to really be prepared for this fight; bring a lot of Boo's Sheets to avoid her charged attack. Mr. Softeners are also recommended to cut through her DEF.


Apart from a whopping 70 Star Pts., the Dyamond Dayzee also gives you the Return Postage badge after the fight.


The Dyamond Dayzee is arrogant and vain, and believes herself to be the most beautiful (as well as the most powerful) of all her kind. She also likes to fight with people to prove how right she is.

In-Game Conversation


"La-lalala, lala~ I am the Dyamond Dayzee! I know, I'm incredible." - introduction

"You look like a scruffy little wuss! Let's tussle! Bet I'll win!" - before battle

"What?! N-No! That's impossible! Grr...ugh...fine. I guess you weren't such a wuss after all. Here, have this incredible, awesome Badge; you certainly earned it!~" - after battle

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