Dusty Desert is the second world in Extreme Mario World. It has pyramids, cacti, yellow clouds and Easter Island statues. The sky is orange. The boss is Morton. The enemy course is a Pokey.


Firesnake Hill

The first level of world 2. It has Firesnakes and Boomerang Bros.

Totem Clouds

A cloud level with Hammer Bros. and falling totems.

Pokey's Ruins

A underground/desert level with Pokeys and Spiny Tops

Tornado Desert

A desert level with Pharaoh Troopas and Tornados. Mummipokey is standing on his tower at the end of the level.

Sink-Sand Tower

A tower level with quicksand and spikes. The boss is Mummipokey

Spike's Fossil Desert

A desert level with Spikes and Pokeys.

Boo's Sand Mansion

The first ghost level with Boos and Scaredy Rats

Lakitu's Oasis

A water level with Lakitus, Pokeys, Spinys, and Yoshi. Morton's ship will be circling his castle at the end of the level.

Morton's Sandbake Stadium

The castle of World 2. It has lava, Shy Guys, and Spike Balls. There's a part outside with fire type enemies, The boss is Morton

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