Numbers aren't the only things I can split into two. Watch as your injuries multiply, fiend!

Dusty Generation Z
art by Dr. Drebbles (tbc)
Current Age 17 (from the future)
Not born yet (present time)
Date of Birth October 13th
Gender Male
Species Human
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Believing himself to be right, getting A+ grades, acting out his huge ego, patting himself on the back, garnering himself self-praise, getting praised by others, criticizing others' grammar, making people look like fools, making himself look superior, pretzels, chocolate milk, them boys, making puns out of mathematical terms, being an amazing tactician, teasing his parents, making his friends look dumb
Being corrected, bad grammar, eating in general, the stupidity of his father, the naiveness of his mother, taking hits in battle, being called a "grammar nazi", people that pirate media, having to wait more time before drinking alcohol
Height 5'06"
First Appearance The Children Program: Generation Z
Dusty is the son of Dustai and Penny, being one of many future children introduced in the upcoming The Children Program: Generation Z. Dusty is a sarcastic, clever child that is well versed in the fields of mathematics and language, able to pick out any error almost instantly and criticizing anyone for even simple mistakes. His mind works somewhat like a calculator, able to perform moderate-level mathematics in his head really quickly and often without error. His higher-than-average intelligence has sharply influenced his perception of life, treating most others as inferior to himself and almost always putting himself in the front of his team. While he can be seen as naive and even a bully to an extent, Dusty is merely super proud of himself and believes that he can help save the day when he's in the team. He actually likes his friends, but doesn't show it well.

Dusty's parents were able to figure out how to raise him well by balancing out his combat skills and general education, resulting in him becoming one of the most versatile children in The Children Program: Generation Z. Dusty's early successes against known threats in his region of birth have made him something of a notoriety, with major villains sometimes canceling their plans if they realized that the kid was in their region. Dusty lived fine with her parents until they died by eating cyanide-laced Pixy Stix, forcing him to move out with his friends Asimi, Charmine, and Alex after days of refusing. This man named Minute got them to escape the bad future and out of the hands of Mallory. Following the events of the Generation Crisis, he left with Charmine and Alex to live in a restored future.


Dusty is a very socially active person, always getting his mouth running whenever even the slightest of things intrigues him. He is fond of communication and talks to others on a near-minute basis, but often fills his replies with sarcasm or criticisms of grammar that he notes. He has very sharp ears and can hear even the slightest of mistakes and condescendingly pick them apart until they either get it right or give up. Sometimes he can get really pushy and come off as hostile, but is quick to apologize if singled out for his flaws. Despite a seriousness-oriented personality, Dusty likes to crack jokes related to mathematics and grammar and especially insult others using them. When in battle, Dusty is known for always being able to keep a level head and a sense of humor, even when he seems to be badly hurt or in deep grief.

Out of the children introduced in The Children Program: Generation Z, Dusty appears to be the most stable and hardworking person in the crew, always being a step ahead when it comes to decisive planning and strategy. Minor villains hate his presence due to his ability to outsmart them and turn their insults back onto them, and some major villains think twice before attacking him. Despite being rude and rather despicable at times, he can form relationships extremely well in combat, able to follow up his friends' magic spells with a good thrust of his stick weapon, which is usually enough to push down foes and knock them out. When not straight-up fighting, he's providing supplies and aid for his team because he really cares for their safety. Any harm towards his teammates in battle is something he treats as his own fault, believing that he wasn't careful enough.

Relationships with other characters


Dusty doesn't really get along with his father too well, but adores him nonetheless. Dustai's intelligence is something that Dusty hisses at on a daily basis, but Dustai has been so thoroughly dumb through his entire time with his son that Dusty simply thinks that his lack of improvement in any field is adorable. However, he admires Dustai for being able to reach him strength just enough to the point where he could be self-reliant, although thinks that he could handle training a lot better -- his pole keeps making holes in their home's walls.


Penny and Dusty have an alright relationship; Dusty and Penny are both rather naive which can result in some awkward conversations and arguments between the two. Penny wished that Dusty would be as nice as she is, while Dusty wishes that she were more of a fighter and more supportive of his road to power. Dusty holds a lot of respect for his mother in the way she handles his chores, however, claiming that she had never returned a dirty piece of clothing to him nor any wrong pair of pants.



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