Current Age 25
Date of Birth January 26th
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Naxaz
Align Hero
Current Status Alive
Height 5'03"
Weight 153 lbs
Sexuality Heterosexual
First Appearance Nature Warrior
 Dustai Velocizivitize is one of Crymsia's two best friends and is a tag-along friend that happens to be really clumsy and pathetic in general. He follows Crymsia as some sort of "guardian", although cannot see and pokes at everything with his "sand stick", which often results in him breaking things really easily and getting into trouble really fast. He is carefree and doesn't really pay attention to much going in the world, mostly focused on trying to keep his only friendships. He followed Crymsia around after she saved him from starvation in a vast desert.


Dustai tries to come off as a fierce, protective warrior that tries to stand at Crymsia's side to be as helpful as he can be. Ultimately, he comes off as something of a dork, being extremely clumsy and smashing his "sand stick" weapon everywhere and breaking a lot of stuff he comes in contact with. Typically he tends to try and bite off more than he can chew, offering to do ridiculously difficult tasks for even the most simple of rewards and subsequently failing at them due to his impatience and lack of general skill. Because of how clumsy and utterly reckless he is, he tends to have few friends, with his only ones having an extreme tolerance for annoying things.

But Dustai isn't totally useless or anything: he's a jolly person and is generally good at lightening up the mood given that he's generally unaffected by highly unpleasant situations, usually complaining about bad smells (as catching scents is his way of getting around) and being hungry only. When Dustai is fully focused and is used to dealing with the enemy he's fighting, he goes from being somewhat of a jokey fighter to being a serious, strongly competitive one that can do a very solid job with breaking down enemies once he finally understands their patterns. While a typically impatient person, he's willing to take the extra step forward to learn vital things.


Dustai actually doesn't have many abilities, being more of the average kind of person. Dustai has very little skill in battle given that he's blind and impatient when it comes to learning strategies, often coming off as reckless, but with great practice and determination, he can overcome the majority of his foes using his heavy stick weapon. Dustai has an unusually strong detection for different smells, using smells to guide himself around so he doesn't collide into anything or break things. He also uses the different sounds around him to figure out where to move, and spends time hanging around in environments so he can walk in and out of them flawlessly.


  • Initially, Dustai was somewhat of a joke character that emerged from the Adventures of White wiki, having had a personality based around Internet memes. When transferring Dustai to the Zaxinian Lifts, Athena rebuilt his personality, calling the old one "stupid".
  • He wears a dress as he's far more into wearing those than typical shirts and jeans. Because of his somewhat feminine appearance combined with his wearing of a dress, he is sometimes mistaken as a woman, even from the front.

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