Dusk is the main rival of Pokémon Sun and Moon Versions. He is a very rude boy who is the younger brother of the Team Plasma's Boss, N. He will sneak at the back of Professor History's lab, and snatch a starter Pokémon (always the one who is stroger than the player's starter).


First Battle (Outskirts of Korinki Town)

Fleafox/Pyroger/Muddypo LV 7

Second Battle (Near Dream City)

Porcupo LV 4

Mamepato LV 7

Fleafox/Pyroger/Muddypo LV 10

Third Battle (Route 21)

Porcupo LV 13

Choroneko LV 13

Hatoopoo LV 15

Desumasu LV 17

Hiyappu/Yanappu/Baoppu LV 19

Ruriatia/Lavager/Earthpo LV 21

Fourth Battle (Route 25)

Choroneko LV 21

Hatoopoo LV 23

Washibon LV 25

Desumasu LV 25

Kibago LV 27

Hiyappu/Yanappu/Baoppu LV 27

Ruriatia/Lavager/Earthpo LV 30

Fifth Battle (Route 29)

Spikipo LV 27

Hatoopoo LV 29

Lepardas LV 29

Washibon LV 30

Desumasu LV 30

Onondo LV 32

Hiyakki/Yanakki/Baokki LV 32

Dorekitsune/Lavager/Swamppuoh LV 35

Sixth Battle (Victory Road)

Spikipo LV 44

Lepardas LV 44

Kenhorou LV 46

Washibon LV 48

Desukaan LV 49

Ononokus LV 50

Hiyakki/Yanakki/Baokki LV 52

Dorekitsune/Blazecano/Swamppuoh LV 55

Last Battle (Team Plasma's True Hideout)

Spikipo LV 78

Lepardas LV 78

Kenhorou LV 80

Wargle LV 80

Desukaan LV 82

Hiyakki/Yanakki/Baokki LV 84

Ononokus LV 89

Zoroark LV 89

Dorekitsune/Blazecano/Swamppuoh LV 91

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