Durian Kilstar
Full Name Durian Kilstar
Current Age 17
Date of Birth July 24, 1998
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Height 1.93 m
Voice Actor(s)
Series Durian Kilstar's Galactic Adventures

Durian Kilstar is the Main Protagonist of Super Leaf Studios' Durian Kilstar's Galactic Adventures Series.


Durian Kilstar was born on the Planet Lothuda V in July 1997, into a Middle-class family. At the age of fourteen, in 2012, the Lothuda Civil War began, which would change Durian's life forever.

Lothuda Civil War

The war raged on for three years without an end in sight. In the fourth year of the war, which happened to be Durian's senior year in High School, the death and destruction picked up pace. Durian's father, a seasoned General, was killed in battle, causing Durian to feel a lot of internal conflict on what to do. After graduating high school, Durian decided he wanted to leave Lothuda and abandon the conflict behind him. So, using his college funds, he purchased a Starship and left Lothuda, not looking back.