Durara's Adventure is a Wii U game and is the first game in the Durara's Adventure Series.


The scientists of Keron were trying to make a artificial Keronian. They used special compounds to make it explode and reform after the explosion. They named it "Durara".

One day, they decided to let Durara out to get groceries for a upcoming project. Durara got the Groceries as planned, but saw some weird creatures on the way back. Durara saw that these weird creatures and called them "Baddies". When Durara saw a airship full of Baddies heading torwards her scientests factory, Durara now must save her scientests before it is to late.



  • Durara  - A girl who is a artificial Keronian. She can pirouette and if she grabs a star, she can suck up enemies and explode. - Default
  • Kululu - A scientest and a part of the Keroro Platoon. he can glide and if he grabs a star, he can form the KuluMech. - Complete Plains.


  • Tuber - Living Test Tubes that walk around.
  • Zap Eye - Electronic eyes that zap lasers.
  • Goo - Swamp creatures slithering around the world.
  • Acid Droplet - Puddles of acid that drop from the ceiling.
  • Swamp Tuber - Tubers that live in the swamp.
  • Submarooner - A black submarine that shoots torpedoes.
  • Swordsfrog - A evil frog that has a sword attached to it.
  • Sea Tuber - Tubers that live in the sea.
  • Tankerhead - Tanks that shoot lava.
  • Waretoaster - A Keronian who turns into a carnivorous toaster by the full moon.
  • Twiggin - A caterpillar that walks on the ceiling.
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • Puffergum - Flying gum that shoots needles.
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???


  • Bionic Eye - A mechaical eye that bounces and shoots lasers.
  • Goo Monster - A monster made of goo.
  • Corked Whale - A giant whale who's hole has been corked.
  • Joii(1) - A evil Keronian that rules the baddies. She is a master of illusion and a master of mirrors.
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???(secret)


  • Plains
  • Swamp
  • Ocean
  • Mines

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