Dupmal Blocks is a Series Swap Day game in the Dupmal Series. It is a puzzle game similar to Tetris Attack/Pokémon Puzzle League, only with a powerup system that allows Dupmal to change the blocks around.


Dupmal heads into the Block Castle, where a strange creature called The Shadow has put all of Dupmal's artifacts! He goes to find them all.


  • Mirror: Flips blocks horizontally.
  • Rotating Block: Flips blocks vertically.
  • Tetromino: Gets rid of the bottom line of blocks.
  • SameGame Board: Starts a five second "samegame" game over the main game. Depending on how many points you get, some blocks will be removed from the main game.
  • Dupmal Head: Extra life.
  • Spooky Head: Don't get Spooky! If he appears in your powerup box, don't use him until you earn a new one. He will add three big lines of blocks onto the top of your tower!


  1. Training Machine: A robot that trains with you. Teaches you how to play. Artifact given is Pot of Thunder.
  2. Doopliss: He will occasionally give you tips, but is a good practice opponent. Artifact given is Flaming Sword.
  3. The Elder: Another tutorial stage, about items. Artifact given is Decoder Goggles.
  4. Boo: The first real level without any help. Pretty easy. Artifact given is Crystal Blade.
  5. Dry Bones: Second real level. A little hard. Artifact given is Cloak of Truth.
  6. Bony: Kind challenging. Artifact given is King Skull.
  7. Spooky: Lots of Spooky Head's appear in this level, also really hard! Artifact given is Golden Tooth.
  8. The Shadow: A strange and powerful opponent. Artifact given is Cane of Willpower.
  9. Shadow Spooky: Spooky and The Shadow combined! Artifact given is Armor of Heroism.
  10. Electric Shadow Spooky: The final level. Hardest challenge in the game! Artifact given is Statue of the Gods.

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