Chapters of Duplighost Doomsday!

Chapter One

Boss: Ghosthunter
The first chapter begins with a young boo (known only as "Boo Buddy", you get to name him later) escaping two visious Ghosthunters. He is assisted by a group of Boos called "Boolossus." The ghost hunters use a Poltergust 3000 to attack Boo Buddy, but he defeats them.

Chapter Two

Boss: Bogmire
The chapter begins with Boo Buddy being taken to the Boolossus' home, a haunted mansion. The player then explores the mansio until Boo Buddy encounters a ghost called Bogmire. Boo Buddy defeats him, and Bogmire swears eternal loyalty to him.

Chapter Three

Boss: Lord Crumpet
The chapter begins with Wario deciding that he wants to own the Haunted Mansion. But seeing as he hates ghosts, he hires famed ghosthunter Lord Crumpet to exterminate him. Crumpet gets into the mansion and sucks up ten Boos with his Poltergust 3001. Boo Buddy has to hit the Poltergust eighteen times before it breaks open. Lord Crumpet is then vulnerable, and Boo Buddy defeats him.

Chapter Four

Boss: Doopliss (Form 1)
The chapter begins with Wario, enraged at Crumpet's failure, recieving a message from someone known only as "D", saying to meet him at the Tall Tree at midnight. Wario does so, and a Duplighost named Doopliss appears and offers a deal: Doopliss will get rid of the boos if Wario will agree to serve Doopliss for a year. Wario, believing he will just refuse to serve Doopliss when all is said and done, agrees. Doopliss attacks the Haunted Mansion and changes many boos into Duplighost. Boo Buddy defeats them and finally beats Doopliss, who flees.

Chapter Five

Boss: Chauncey
The chapter begins with Doopliss ordering the ghost baby Chauncey to infiltrate the Haunted Mansion and defeat Boo Buddy. Chauncey does so, and uses his army of Rocking Horses to attack Boo Buddy. As usual, Chauncey is defeated.

Chapter Six

Boss: Doopliss (form 2)
The chapter begins with Doopliss, enraged at Chauncey's failure, absorbs him. Now Doopliss is twice as powerful as before. He fights Boo Buddy, who brings him down.

Chapter Seven

Boss: Wario/Doopliss
The chapter begins with Wario deciding that he's had enough of Doopliss and will get the boos to kill him (or the other way around) so he tells Boo Buddy that he's on the Boo's side now. Doopliss attacks and is defeat. Desperately, the Duplighost sends his spirit into Wario, creating a monstrous, fat, fanged creature. After an extremely long and grueling battle, Boo Buddy manages to knock what's left of Wario out of Doopliss' possession and through the window. Doopliss falls to the ground and seemingly disentigrates. Boo Buddy is then crowned king of all boos. He then recieves word that Boolossus has been captured by Proffessor E. Gadd...