Dungeon from Hell
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Developer(s) TerrariaBoss
Publisher(s) TerrariaBoss
Platform(s) PC
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Roguelike RPG
Dungeon from Hell is a Roguelike RPG released December 1, 2015 by TerrariaBoss on Steam. It's a endless roguelike RPG with millions of different bosses and minibosses, making the chance of fighting the same boss and miniboss reallly low.

Gameplay Edit

In Dungeon from Hell, players begin by randomizing their dungeon with a click of a button. From there, they have to traverse the entire dungeon with save points here and there, fighting bosses and minibosses, getting epic items, and ultimately being a total badass. Enemies are random encounters, and in battles you have these options: Fight, Skill, Item, Flee, and Surrender. If you surrender, you start a entire new dungeon over again, proving useful if you don't like the dungeon layout you got. Each dungeon has a total of over 2,000 rooms, each randomly generated, and each dungeon atleast has 5 shops taking up a total of 4 different rooms.

Story Edit

After every boss, the player gets one of 500 possible journal entries with each of them telling tales of people who entered the Dungeon from Hell. This tells how 8 different friends found the Dungeon from Hell and entered it, and ultimately became the final 8 bosses. It is totally possible to never read these journal entries though.


Whenever a player begins a dungeon, they get given a random class, this is some of the possible classes (out of 50)

Name Abilities Weapons
Light Wizard Can heal Pets & Partners, can also blind enemies and shoot balls of light at them. Staff of Light
Dark Wizard Can blind enemies, have a chance to insta-kill enemies (or deal fatal damage to bosses & mini-bosses), and shoots balls of darkness at them. Staff of Darkness
Warrior Can quick-slash enemies Sword
Archer Can fire 3 arrows at once Bow
Elemental Wizard Can fire balls of fire, water, and ice at enemies Elemental Staff
Rogue Can pickpocket money from enemies Dagger
Demon Can deal large amounts of damage, for the price of his health. Demonic Powers
Coinman Can fire coins that he's collected (begins game with 50) at enemies Coin Gun
??? Can fire Blue Tears at enemies, and each item changes his appearance Tears
Miner Can attack enemies with his Pickaxe, he can upgrade his pickaxe by killing bosses (Wooden -> Stone -> Iron -> Gold -> Diamond) Pickaxe
Pumpkin Can shoot pumpkins at enemies Pumpkins
Snowman Can throw snowballs at enemies with a small chance to freeze them Snowballs
Angel The opposite of Demon, can deal small amounts of damage but regains health. Angelic Powers
Tamer Can tame monsters to fight for them. Too lazy to actually fight themselves. Monsters
AGAROTH THE SACRED DEMON Can heal his health like a Angel, tame monsters like a Tamer, fire tears like ???, have a chance to insta-kill enemies like the Dark Wizard, and can fire 3 arrows at once like the Archer. Too bad that 2 hits kill him. A fuckload of shit

Bold indicates that the class has a chance to be unlocked by beating a dungeon

Italic indicates that the class is only available on a certain holiday Bold and Italic indicates that the class is unlocked by unlocking everything else in the game.


There's a total of 50,481 bosses in Dungeon from Hell, these are some of those bosses.

Name Attacks Difficulty
Slimo Can bounce on the player, summon mini-slimes, trap the player inside of him, or shoot slime-bullets at the player. Medium
Robo Fires rockets, bullets, fire, grenades, and a ton more at the player. Insane
Agaroth The Sacred Demon  Can heal his health, sumon monsters, shoot tears, throw bombs, has a chance to insta-kill you, quick slash with a sword, fire 3 arrows out of his eyes, laser beams, and even more. So hard that his difficulty is HARDER THAN IMPOSSIBLE
Burni Can shoot massive flames at the player, flaming rockets, set the entire room on fire slowly dealing damage to the player, and shoot fireballs. Hard

Combines Robo's attacks with Burni's

Wiz Can shoot Fireballs, Iceballs, Waterballs, and some other balls that probably exist. Medium
Pushoverman (tutorial boss) Can poke you for 1 damage.  Pushover
Hawkat Can attack you with claws, peck you with it's beak, and a few more cat & bird related attacks. Medium
Noodli Shoots noodles out of his hand. Flaming noodles, frozen noodles, naming all of them will take 50 years. Hard
Noodle Wizard Combines Noodli's attacks with WIz's attacks. Insane

Italics is reserved for the true final boss of the game who is unlocked after every single thing in the game BUT the class Agaroth The Sacred Demon is unlocked. Also you need to beat the game as every class 10 times.

Bold indicates that the boss has a chance to be unlocked as a figfhtable boss whenever you beat a dungeon.


  • ??? Is a reference to the Binding of Isaac, where your main weapon is your tears.
  • Miner is a reference to Minecraft and the pickaxes in it - Wooden, Stone, Iron, Gold, and Diamond.
  • Coinman is a reference to Terraria's Coin Gun, where you can shoot coins you've collected at enemies.


Credit to EximusMax for the logo