Dungeon Sandbox
Developer(s) Starch Embark
Publisher(s) Starch Embark
Platform(s) Wii U
Single player, Multiplayer
Genre(s) Platformer, Puzzle, Level Editor
Series Dungeon Sandbox

Dungeon Sandbox is an upcoming 2D puzzle-platformer sandbox game that has an emphasis on level creation. It is created in it's entirety by Starch Embark.


Dungeon Sandbox has two primary modes, Hero Mode and Villain Mode. In Hero Mode, players create a hero of varying origins that must traverse and clear dungeons either pre made by the game in Hero's Quest or by other players around the world in Global Quest. In Villain Mode, players create a big bad villain that must create dungeons, minion forces, and puzzling challenges to hinder heroes, having to fix up and edit pre made dungeons in Villain's Conquest or create dungeons from scratch in the Dungeon Sandbox and send them to the world wide web to give players a challenge in Global Conquest.


Hero's Quest

Hero's Quest is the campaign mode for players that traverse perilous dungeons rather than make them. The player, once their character is created, must traverse a series of dungeons that are meant to introduce the game's mechanics, as well as provide a challenge.

Villain's Conquest

Villain's Conquest is the campaign mode for players that wish to create complex dungeons rather than play them. The player, once their character is created, must edit various sets of incomplete dungeons, this process teaching players about the mechanics of the Dungeon Sandbox.