Duckball Tycoon was a game made by RadSquare Interactive in 1996 for the PC. It was made for the Unofficial Swap Day 2


In Duckball Tycoon you are put in charge of an arena built for the great sport of Duckball. You must keep the arena in shape aswell as attract teams to battle in it to get money. You can customize the main battlezones aswell as add extra luxury rooms for stuff like food and waiting lines.

hey wait. What's Duckball?

Duckball is a great sport in which 2 teams of 6 do battle in order to move the heavy DuckBall into the enemy's 3 duckzones in order,as the ball is moved more of the arena is available to fight in. The game is over when the DuckBall is put into the final duckzone on either side.

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