Duck Soup
Duck Soup means an easy task, or someone easy to overcome. In this case, it is the former definition.

Duck Soup is the fourth review service that .snickedge (tbc) is hosting, and tells someone how good or bad their article is without an actual system (in contrast to the older services). For example, she does not rate the games on a scale from one to ten, does not give badges or really any awards, although they will be separated by "Featured", "Good Read", and "Skip".

Reviews will not be long and will be the completely honest opinion of the author, and won't give out much advice, if any at all. Please make sure your article is at a decent size before handing it over to be reviewed.



These are the articles I highly recommend you read.  Each one is super good and shouldn't be a waste of your time.  Who knows, you might build inspiration off of their awesomeness!?

Good Reads

These articles are pretty good and I'd recommend reading.  Perhaps they have things you've never seen before!  


...And these are the articles you should skip reading until they either have more content or are finished.  In other scenarios, they're probably just really, really bland. 

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  • Duck Soup is the successor of the successful Syi-View, which was the successor of older, failed systems. It will be succeeded by The Goddess Scale.