Duck Hunt U
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U


Duck Hunt U is the long waited sequel to Duck Hunt for the NES and is for the Wii U. This Game has Upgraded a lot of things from the Original Duck Hunt, such as new modes and 5 Player Mulitplayer. This Game also Uses the Wii Remote to shoot.


Mode How Many Players? Availability Description
Duck Hunt Mode 1-4 Players Start This mode Is a Mode where the Game Pad Player is the Hunter while the 3 other Players are the Ducks. The Hunter can Move from side to Side, but cant move anyway else. You can go to Different Locations, like your Yard, or a Snowy Place, or a Pond, and much More! The Dog also returns with his laugh
Classic Mode Single Player Start This mode is basically the Original Duck Hunt except its with 3D and HD graphics. This one is only Single Player, but allows more ducks to appear on the screen. The Dog Appears Happy with the Duck when you shoot one and laughs at you when you miss.
Duck Hunt-Dog Fetch 1-5 Players Start This Mode is a Mode where you Play as Duck Hunt Dog and other Dog Breeds as multiplayers. There is a singular Platform with 2 smaller Platforms above it (Similar to Battlefield in Super Smash Bros.) And a Bunch of Ducks come. You have to catch the Ducks to get Points. Also Frisbee's appear and you can catch them to get Extra Points.
Battlefield Mode 1-5 Players Start Battlefield is a competitive mode where You can roam freely trying to shoot as Much Ducks as Possible with Friends. You can Roam freely on the Yard, on a Pond, or on a sandy and grassy area.
Tournament Online Play

1-20 Players

Start In this Online Mode, you compete with people across the Globe on a Battlefield with a lot of Ducks. Try to shoot as much Ducks as Possible. There are a lot of Hazards and things.
Paratroopa Hunt 1-2 Players DLC This is a Special Super Mario DLC. In this, instead of Ducks, there are Paratroopas and you Punch them with a Mario Glove instead of a Gun. You can go to Peach's Castle, Bowser's Castle, or an Unamed Beach Place. You can also collect Power Ups like fire flower or starman to Help get more Paratroopas.
The Legend of Duck Hunt Single Player DLC This is a Special The Legend of Zelda DLC. In this DLC, it is similar to the Zelda Attraction in Nintendo Land. You shoot Ducks with a Crossbow and the Ducks are more Zelda Looking. You try to find all of the Triforce pieces and to do that, you need to shoot the certain amount of ducks.

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