Duck Hunt NX is a 3D re-imagination of the Nintendo classic title "Duck Hunt". The game was originally designed as a single-player mini-game designed for NintendoLand NX, however when developers began toying around with the concepts of an online multiplayer, it became apparent that the game was capable of launching all on its own. The game will launch for Nintendo NX in Q2 of 2018.

Players can play as the hunter, the duck, and the dog during the three categories: Canine Mode, Fowl Mode, and Hunter Mode.

In Hunter Mode, the Hunter attempts to locate and gun down the most amount of ducks in the given terrain before the clock runs out. The hunter competes against 7 other hunters on a ranked scoreboard. The scoring is tallied by the number of duck bills you collect, shortened as simply "bills". The top three hunters recieve bonus bills, which can be used after exiting multiplayer to buy gun upgrades, gear upgrades, as well as more skilled and/or specialized hunting dogs,etc. Hunter Mode is the only online multiplayer mode.

In Canine Mode, you play as the dog attempting to better locate fowl. At the bottom of the screen is a bar telling how far or close you from the nearest bird. Your job is to track down the type of bird your hunter is searching for and scare it into the air before the bird escapes.

In Fowl Mode, you learn to play as the duck. Evading both the dog and the hunter can be tricky, but when you stay hidden in tall grass, swim across water, or make it to the safehouse of your nest, you could very well make it to next season. Playing as the duck isn't your only option: in fact, the duck is only the first species to unlock. Play as eight different species of birds with their own terrains, trajectories, survival tactics, and methods of escape to complete Fowl Mode.

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