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Duck Hunt Duo (USBIV)

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Duck Hunt Duo
DuckHuntIcon USBIV
The main protagonist of Duck Hunt game.
Universe SSB Duck Hunt Series
Appearances in SSB Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS
Recent Game Duck Hunt (NES)
Avaiability Starter
Final Smash NES Zapper Posse
Tier D+ (66)

Duck Hunt (or Duck Hunt Duo) are a tecnical charcaters with his great projectile gameplay in Ultra Smash Bros. IV. He's been confirmed alongside with the 80's Classics (with Little Mac, Pac-Man, Mega Man, Mr. Game & Watch, Ice Climbers and R.O.B) including with the newcomers: Excitebike Rider and Classic Pit. Generally, the Duck Hunt dog is a hunter-dog who catches ducks in his own shooter game. They combined in teams.

Duck Hunt ranked his 66th place in the tier list (D+), which it makes a moderate character to play in the tournaments, but he sill has a chance.


  • Comparing to SSB4, Duck Hunt Duo is in this game a starter and on his previous game was unlockable.

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