Duck Hunt 64 is a sequel to Duck Hunt for the Nintendo 64.The game released on March 11, 2000 in the

Duck Hunt 64
Duck Hunt 64 Cover
Cover art in all regions.
Developer(s) Hudson Soft
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 64
Release Date(s)
February 3, 1999 (JP)

March 11, 2000(US/EU) June 9, 2000 (AUS)

Clay Pigeon

1 Duck 2 Ducks Story Mode

Age Rating(s)
Rated E (Everyone)
Genre(s) Hunting simulator
United States and Europe, February 3, 1999 in Japan, and June 9, 2000 in Australia. The game was originally planned for the N64DD, But was switched to cartridge form after idmitting the DD was a failure.


The gameplay, much like the original Duck Hunt, the game consists of shooting ducks to score points. If you hit a duck, you get 1 point, If you miss a duck, you lose a point. In Double Duck mode, You have to shoot two ducks to get 1 point. If you miss, you lose 1 point as well. In Clay Shooting, Instead of ducks, you shoot clay pigeons. If you hit one, as usual, you get 1 point. If you miss, as usual, you lose a point.

If you shoot a golden balloon, you will be sent to a bonus level. There are other balloons that give you bonus points.

There are also some other ducks in the game, including some ducks that ride bikes, and ducks flying in biplanes.

Duck Hunt Dog

The dog does his infamous laugh if you miss a duck. If you shoot the dog, the bonus level ends, similar to the bonus level in Vs. Duck Hunt.

Story Mode

When you play Story Mode, you play the game in a progressing story. The story begins when Mr. Peepers sitting depressed on his front porch and complains that he was only in 1 game. (Before SSB) He decides to go back to Duck Hunt Country and set off on an adventure. When he gets there, everything has changed. Duck Hunt Country is under attack by the evil pirate Captain Quackbeard and his army of evil ducks. A friendly duck named Lucas (They call him Greeny because his feathers are green.) helps Mr. Peepers defeat Quackbeard. In this mode, you play as Mr. Peepers which means he doesn't laugh at you when you miss. Instead when you miss Captain Quackbeard laughs.

Once you beat the final boss, the game fades to white and everything turns back to normal. The game finally ends when you get two choices - Stay in Duck Hunt Country or go home. If you choose to stay, it shows a cutscene with Mr. Peepers building a small doghouse and going to sleep. If you choose to leave, it shows a cutscene of Greeny waving goodbye. After you view the cutscene, the credits roll.


  • Like Pac-Man VS., Mario's voice appears in the game. If you hit one, Mario says "I got it!" If you miss, Mario says "Oh,no!"
  • This was one of the last games developed by Hudson Soft.
  • Playing the whole game on Story Mode is the only way to "beat" the game. Playing the other modes has no purpose.

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