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Duck Hunt 2: The Hunt Continues

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Duck Hunt 2: The Hunt Continues
Developer(s) Ghostrealm Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo UltraCube
Genre(s) Light Gun Shooter
Release Date(s)
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Media Included Nintendo UltraCube Optical Disc, and the Nintendo eShop.
Available Input Nintendo UltraCube Controller

Duck Hunt 2: The Hunt Continues is a sequel and a reboot of the Duck Hunt series. It is also a launch title for the Nintendo UltraCube.


Whereas the original Duck Hunt for the NES used a NES Zapper, you will instead use the Nintendo UltraCube's controller to shoot the ducks. Now, in between rounds, you can buy powerups to aid in your duck hunting. A new mode has also been added: Dog Hunt. Dog Hunt has you shoot the dog as he runs around in a field, since who wouldn't want that?

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