Duck Hunt
The Hunting Trio
Universe DuckHuntSymbol
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances SSB/SSBM/SSBB/SSB4
Recent Game 'U/3DS Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS
Availability Starter
Final Smash NES Zapper Posse/Gumshoe

Duck Hunt makes their second return to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Duck Hunt is actually three characters rolled into one: the dog, the duck, and the hunter. Utilizing various attacks to defeat their opponents, they work in almost perfect unison! They retain their appearance from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS.

Changes from Smash 4

How to Unlock


  • Complete Boss Battles with any character on Intense difficulty.
  • Play 180 VS Matches
  • Clear Event 28 "Duck Hunt in Reverse"

Duck Hunt is fought on the stage "Duck Hunt".


  • Complete Boss Battles on Hard without going past 30% damage.
  • Play 230 Vs. Matches
  • Clear Event 40 "Duck Hunt in Reverse".

Duck Hunt is fought on "Duck Hunt 2".


Special Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Trick Shot 9%-12% (explosion) The dog summons an explosive can from Hogan's Alley and kicks it away. Subsequent neutral specials alert the player with the Zapper to shoot the can forwards, before it detonates and blows up. The explosion can hurt the dog as well.
Custom 1 High-Explosive Shot --- The can is only kicked once upon initial activation. Greater distance and speed. Pressing the special button again at any time will make it explode immediately.
Custom 2 Zig Zag Shot --- The can alternates direction in the air for each press. Getting hit by the explosion sends the opponent straight upwards.
Side Special Clay Shooting 2% upon contact, 10% shooting The dog throws a clay pigeon away, which can explode into a hail of gunfire when triggered again by the player.
Custom 1 Rising Clay --- The dog throws a clay pigeon that rises into the air slowly. No additional effects.
Custom 2 Clay Break --- The pigeon can be shot at up to three times with varying accuracy, but the third shot definitely hits. Each shot is much stronger than the default move.
Up Special Duck Jump 0% The duck carries the dog upwards in an adorable fashion, before losing strength and falling to the ground.
Custom 1 Duck Jump Snag --- The dog bites repeatedly as the duck carries him upward. Covers less vertical distance than the default up special.
Custom 2 Super Duck Jump 0% Short lag, then the duck and dog go up very quickly. Covers more vertical distance than the default up special.
Down Special Wild Gunman 4%-7% The dog summons an 8-bit gunman from Wild Gunman. If an opponent is in the gunman's horizontal range, the gunman will fire, before disappearing. However, the gunman will vanish if attacked before he can shoot.
Custom 1 Quick Draw Aces --- Start-up lag before firing is reduced, but both the power and shot distance ars decreased.
Custom 2 Mega Gunman --- A large, durable gunman acts as a shield. Fires after considerable delay if nothing hits him.

Special Custom Set B

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Diving Duck 3% (close), 4% (mid), 7% (far) The Duck zooms forward from an upward angle, diving slightly downward. It does more damage the farther away the opponent is from the duck. It also does more knockback and will push air-borne opponents downwards
Custom 1 Crashing Duck 6% (close), 10% (mid), 15% (far) Has more of a horizontal trajectory and does more damage though it is slower and has lag.
Custom 2 Bomber Duck 13% Instead of crashing forward; the Duck travels forward quickly and lands an explosive egg that descends to the ground. When it impacts a solid object or character, it explodes; dealing damage.
Side Special Sneak Shot 10% (clean), 6% (late) Holding down the special allows free control of the cross hairs. When releasing the special button, it will release gunfire that will damage opponents.
Custom 1 Rapid Fire Shot 3% (per hit clean), 1.5% (per hit late) Does three shots when releasing the attack. It last longer but deals less damage. It juggles opponents.
Custom 2 Scoped Shot 8% (clean), 4% (late) The cross hairs are larger but deals less damage. It is also slower.
Up Special Shoot the Dog 6%, 6%, 6% Duck Hunt is shot and knocks the opponents upwards. Pressing the special button will cause the Hunter to shoot the dog again; knocking him upwards yet again. Pressing it again for the final time which will knock the Dog even higher. It won't damage the Dog but the opponents nearby.
Custom 1 Blast the Dog 10%, 10%, 10%, 2% (Duck Hunt) It does much more damage but it is slower and has lag at the end of the attacks. It also damages Duck Hunt 2% per hit.
Custom 2 Machine Gun the Dog 1.2% The Hunter fires on the dog; knocking the dog upwards a\while moving up. It also juggles the opponent in addition.
Down Special Trixie's Shot 7% Trixie appears and throws a random item such as a plates, tomatoes, eggs, and other items. Hitting the special button will cause the item to explode and deal damage when the Hunter shoots it. It will knock the opponent upwards. If the player does shoot it within a set time, the item will break and won't do damage.
Custom 1 Trixie's Mega Shot 12% Trixie throws a larger item which is slower but deals more damage.
Custom 2 Trxie's Far Shot 9% Does more damage and it thrown farther. It has less knockback than the other default.

Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 NES Zapper Posse 45% The dog calls in a flock of 8-bit ducks. The opponent is then carried into a western field, where multiple gunmen start firing away at the opponent, as well as shooting at ducks and cans. The attack is a cinematic one, similar in execution and style to Captain Falcon's Final Smash.
Final Smash 2 Gumshoe 12% (Gumshoe hit), 8% Gumshoe appears and will walk across the stage. Hitting Gumshoe causes more damage to opponent nearby. Gumshoe will home onto opponents who are nearby.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

  • The dog lays on his side and does its infamous laugh, while the duck flies next to him. (Up)
  • The dog performs a frontal hand stand, while the duck negatively responds to him. (Right)
  • Barks twice and chases its tail in a circle. (Left)
  • The dog stands on his back legs and does a dance. (Down)

Character Selection Screen

  • Barks and starts to pant.
  • Turns in a circle and then barks.
  • Jumps up and down while barking.

On Screen Appearance

  • The NES grass appears and Duck Hunt jumps out.
  • Appears from the top of the stage; floating down as the Duck carries him.
  • Appears out from a gush of balloons. This references Barker Bill's Trick Shooting.'

Victory Animations

  • Runs on screen and turns around to kick a can from Hogan's Alley.
  • The dog jumps into 8-bit grass, then does his signature laugh.
  • Summons a Wild Gunman to shoot to the left, then another one to the right.
  • Duck Hunt runs around in the background while the cross hairs follows him.
  • The Duck flies around the Dog's head as he watches.
  • Gumshoe appears and walks right to the left while Duck Hunt is in the background; sitting and watching.

Losing Animations

  • Both the Duck and Dog are clapping.
  • The Dog and Duck appear dizzy and tilt back and forth.
  • The gunman fires on the duo through the cross hairs.

Victory Fanfare

A flourished remix of the jingle that plays before a new game starts in Duck Hunt. It begins with the original 8-bit rendition, then transitions to a remixed version for the rest of the theme.

Idle Animations

  • Sniffs at the ground
  • Scratches ear
  • Stands on four legs and whines and sits back down.
  • Barks quietly once


Duck Hunt's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.

Duck Hunt

Unlock: Classic Mode

Duck Hunt (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode


Duck Hunt (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode


Afro Duck Hunt

Unlock: Boss Battle



Unlock: Boss Battle


Duck Hunt (Trick Shot)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop


Duck Hunt (Trixie's Shot)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop


Duck Hunt (White)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

Duck Hunt (Black)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

Duck Hunt (Up)


Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop


Unlock: Complete a Duck Hunt Character Challenge

NES Zapper Posse

Unlock: All Star Mode (Easy or Normal)


Unlock: Unlock all Duck Hunt trophies

Alternate Costumes


Color Title Color Notes Status
Brown Brown Based on their appearance in Duck Hunt. Starter
Black Black The dog resembles a Rottweiler while the duck resembles a Blue Duck. Starter
Blue Black The dog resembles a American Pit Bull Terrier or Border Collie. Starter
Yellow Yellow The dog resembles a Golden Retriever while the duck resembles a male mallard. Starter
Brown Brown The dog resembles a Chocolate Labrador Retriever while the duck resembles an American black duck. Starter
White White The dog resembles a Dalmatian. Starter
Tan Brown The dog resembles a Beagle while the duck resembles a female mallard. Starter
Black Black The dog resembles a Black Labrador Retriever while the duck resembles a swan. Starter
Gray Gray The dog resembles a Great Dane while the duck resembles a bathtub duck toy. Starter
Red Red The dog resembles a Red Fox while the duck resembles a male Ruddy Duck. Starter
Afro Duck Hunt Brown Trimmed and permed version of the dog with an afro. Resembles a groomed toy poodle. The duck also has an afro. Locked
Tuxedo black Wears a tuxedo and a necktie. Locked
Aviator Brown Wears aviator goggles, hat, and padded coat. Locked


  • May(s Bandana palette swap is the only one that removes the ears and hair tuft from Jigglypuff. It is also the only palette swap that alters a Pokemon model.