Duck Hunt: Open Season is an upcoming Wii U game, being a long awaited sequel and revival of the Duck Hunt series that is published by Nintendo


The gameplay is similar to the very first Duck Hunt title with the same name, Duck Hunt. On the menu screen, the player can either select two additional minigames, Duck Hunt and Clay Shooting or play through the main story mode of the game. There are three game files in total; files A, B and C.

Duck Hunt Dog's design is sharply based off his Super Smash Bros. for Wii U look.

The mechanic works differently in this game, rather than a Kid Icarus: Uprising playstyle. Majority of the mechanics are done with the dog, like biting, swiping, and digging. Some mechanics are applied to the duck as well, such as swimming and flying. The dog-and-duo also work together in some cases, throwing the duck and tackling, for example.


Story Mode

In story mode, Duck Hunt Duo needs to travel across seven worlds as they defeat bosses and save the other ducks. More to be added.

Duck Hunt


Clay Shooting


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