The Dualverse is an Alternate Fantendoverse that has multiple relatively minor interactions with oher Fantendoverses, it is a Port Universe which means it commonly trades with other universes and also acts as an effective way to travel from one universe to another. The Dualverse is comprised of individuals who are the combination of two characters.

Notable Characters


The combination of Unten & Zerita, she has determination to boot and would fight tooth and nail to protect her friends. Unita is not capable of descension like Beorns. Unita often goes off adventuring on her own or with Quarchel as they look for areas of the Dualverse not yet connected to the network of trading in the Dualverse. Unita is a bit of a blabbermouth and tends to go on about very specific and at the same time random things about the Ports, fortunately Quarchel is often able to shut her up before she infuriates whoever she's talking to.


The combination of Quartz & Rachel Harel, Quarchel is a calm-minded although somewhat stern individual. She helps keep track of travellers visiting to and from the Dualverse and is the head of the department. Quarchel seems to have a particular talent for leadership and most consider her second in command of the Dualverse after The Co-Op. Quarchel is romantically involved with Unita and the two balance each others quirks out rather well.


The combination of Fera & Aurora, Ferora is also known as the Queen of the Colosseum, a region in the Dualverse where individuals can compete for fame and glory, Ferora is both the most well-known of these fighters and also the most successful, she has never been beaten in one on one combat due to her combination of excellent close quarters melee and long distance magic.


The Chief of Medicine at the Ports, Lenica is the combination of Leah & X-Ray and is a very kind woman who often tries to befriend new travellers to the Dualverse. She works closely with the Co-Op and seems to keep him in line making sure he doesn't abuse his powers, some reckon she has a liquid form of descension she keeps for just the ocassion. Lenica also owns a Dating Hotel which she opened after finding several Altverse Leahs and X-Rays who were lonely, the Dating Hotel ended up expanding into just a general matchmaking hotel, Lenica does try to hit on some of the Leahs and X-Rays she thinks she'd get along with.

The Co-Op

The ruling Deity of the Dualverse and the combination of The Fan & The Enemy, The Co-Op has never been sure if he's two deities fused together or just a deity with two heads, each head has a separate personality and tends to prefer being called by their other names.

Ben is the head with Blue Eyes and is considered the more cheery of the two, he considers himself the younger of the two heads although no one is sure what that would even meant. Ben tends to take care of the Multiversal Trade that occurs at the Ports and often converses with his brother on trade agreements between the Dualverse and other Universes, he is more emotional and gets easily excited at the prospect of new friends.

Ali is the much more logical about his endeavours than his brother and considers himself the wiser of the two. He takes care of the status of the Dualverse itself and those that worship The Co-Op usually view him as the absolute pinnacle, he is a bit head strong and on occasion makes decisions quickly and without thought, he often talks to Lenica about the state of the Dualverse as she has a lot of insight about various groups in it.


A bit of a strange entity, Scyi works as the head of the Exchange department between the Dualverse and the Ports, he is a friendly individual although a bit shy at times, he seems to try too hard on occasion to impress his superiors but his friends and especially Mallia, his girlfriend keep him from overreacting. Scyi seems to also have a habit of getting involved in bad situations, almost always by accident, as such he is called "accident-prone" by others.


The combination of Mallory & Oshelia, Mallia is Scyi's girlfriend and a Demi-God in the Dualverse. Mallia is a free spirit when it comes to her personality and lifestyle, she often laments over Scyi's dedication to his work and often insists on him coming with her on "vacations". Mallia is also a bit of a mischief maker as she has flooded the Exchange Department Headquarters several times just to get Scyi out of the office. Mallia does help when needed as her ability to control water makes her useful for the fish harvesting planets near the Ports. Mallia and Scyi's relationship isn't obvious to the general public as she tends to prefer to keep it primarily known between her friends and seems to intimidate Scyi into doing the same, it's not certain if this intimidation is from her Demi-Godhood or the danger she poses to Scyi's work.


A strange individual, Volism is the combination of Volt and Ibism. He is one of the head workers at the energy distribution center for the Ports, he seems to have great adoration for the others at the Ports although is very weary of new travellers and seems to be a bit timid overall often staying silent in group conversations, some reckon Volism has some sort of untold past but he seems to assure people that his life has been pretty uneventful and usually goes into what little detail about his life there is.


A bit of a recluse, Craven has a permanent arrangement with Lenica to the top floor apartment of the Matchmaker Hotel. Craven seems to mostly lead a quiet life although talks semi-frequently with Lenica, she seems to have a limitless supply of wealth despite not having a job, it's well known that living in her apartment room is the Queen of the Dualverse Vampires, Izubelline and the two seem to be romantically involved at least from their situation. One can usually tell when Craven is going to go out on an expedition because she will buy multiple Sheetle (Sheep + Cattle) for Izubelline while she's away.


The combination of Izuka & Rubelline. Izubelline is the Queen of the Dualverse Vampires, she is the direct descendant of Draceratu the Vampiric King, although her ancestor has long since past Izubelline holds her royal bloodline in prestige, this has led to her thinking very highly of herself and sometimes acts like a spoiled brat around Craven. Unlike her ancestors Izubelline has allowed the Vampiric presence to shrink substantially and become more integrated into modern culture, most people of the Dualverse do not fear vampires and acceptable alternatives, primarily in the form of Sheetle keep the Blood Urge at bay.

Izubelline is described as a bit of a guts as well as she is known to sneak out at night and attack a farm near the Matchmaker Hotel and tends to have drained on average 10 Sheetle, fortunately in recent years the farm was bought out by Craven and merely acts as a barrier to keep Izubelline from going out on a Blood Spree. Izubelline has amassed a vast wealth thanks to her ancestors and gives Craven open access to the Depository which Craven rather ingeniously has used to invest in shipping businesses sustaining the wealth.

Betsan Bypass

The combination of Beth Operatino & Susan Syringe. Betsan is Lenica's second-in-command at the medical center and an impressively skilled surgeon, some say she is a legend even among the multiverse at her quick hands and seeming infinite capacity to understand the bodily systems of any creature. She has a bit of a rivalry with Lenica although it seems to be friendly for the most part, she works also as a priest at a church next to the Matchmaker Hotel and seems to do this intentionally to help couples found at the Matchmaker Hotel get married.


Ronnire is the combination of Ronnie Piper & Claire MacBeth, she is a courier for The Co-Op, Ronnire is a friendly character who often gossips a lot with her clients, although this makes her late with some messages the Co-Op doesn't really mind since he considers Ronnire to still be a child. Ronnire is a bit of a wuss when it comes to pain as despite her impressively hardy skin she bruises easily and avoids fighting to the best of her ability. A notable thing about Ronnire's hybrid species is that her skin will change depending on the temperature, to keep her warm in the bitter cold her body will create more of the hardier skin cells making her look more like Ronnie and making her about the same size as well, by contrast in hot climates Ronnire's hardier cells will stop being produced and she seems to even shrink a fair bit possibly to sustain water and ends up looking more like Claire.


A master of martial arts, Tessaia is the combination of Tess and Amaia. She is second only to Ferora in the Colosseum, she is an impressively strong woman and actually outranks Ferora in physical strength although is easily outmatched in magical strength preventing her from being the best. At a young age Tessaia and Ferora were seen as equals as Tessaia had a tenacity for magic as well however as she got older Tessaia felt as though she could succeed more with her physical prowess rather than her magical prowess, she made a deal with The Co-Op to remove the magical prowess in her creating a daughter, Hexany thus allowing Tessaia to focus purely on her physical strength, The Co-Op has Tessaia work as his secretary since she handled annoying traders a lot better than his previous secretaries. Tessaia has adjusted her entire lifestyle around improving her physical body to its absolute maximum, she trains constantly and her desk is filled with weights which she had The Co-Op create to be able to adjust their weight with ease. She has been known to throw annoying Traders right out the entire office of The Co-Op on occasion which is possibly why The Co-Op had the office redesigned to have a straight line between Tessaia's desk and the front door. Tessaia seems to spend all her spare time training in martial arts although she does this often in conjunction with other activities such as talking to friends, taking Hexany to and from places and even eating and sleeping. She carries around a massive dumbbell that seems to be the main one she trains with.


The combination of Hexa & Tiffany, Hexany is Tessaia's daughter although was born under an agreement Tessaia had with The Co-Op, Hexany is a solution to an issue Tessaia had in her youth, that being the conflict between Melee & Magic as such Hexany is a master at magic and can conjure up powerful entities, as such she is nicknamed Ms. D.P.D.S. as she guards the Ports from Pirates and other individuals hoping to cause chaos. She is a bit of a loner although does get along well enough with her co-workers, some believe that Hexany resents her mother although Hexany has never openly admitted that accusation.


The combination of Reese & Trip, Retrip was initially just a figment of Hexany's imagination, some believe that he is an unintended effect of Hexany being the magical aspect of Tessaia removed. Retrip regardless was separated from Hexany and became a physical entity by The Co-Op. Retrip works as a scout for The Co-Op to go explore universes to search for trade deals, Retrip enjoys the sense of adventure he gets from going out on these scouting missions and tends to be one of the better negotiators for The Co-Op, he does get a bit emotional at times although this is usually due to him slightly overreacting to the prospect of new trade deals.

The General

The combination of General Syande & The Other. A legendary figure and The Co-Op's sister, although The General is not as powerful as the Co-Op she is more experienced in the ways of godhood and understands the comprehensive relationships between the deities of the multiverse. She is one of the oldest deities ever supposedly dating back to the dawn of the second time. She is a caring individual who seems to take great care in listening to the plights of those in the Dualverse and helps in whatever way she can. Strangely she is also Scyi's sister, while this might not make sense on the surface what it is in fact is that Scyi had a sister who was born dead, feeling guilty over the unfortunate birth The General absorbed the dead child into her being making her weaker although erasing all knowledge of the baby's existence.


The combination of Scarlet & Mara, Scara is the head of the Hellscape Train Station, a station at the Ports which is connected to the Hellscape a location in the Dualverse for hellish beings to vacation at. Scara is rather talkative and often is mistaken for a reporter as she will recite the news while she's in control of the intercom at the train station. Scara is a bit protective of non-hellish creatures and often tries to deter them from going to the Hellscape.


The combination of Porcelain & Lydia. Porcydia is a well-known performing artist at the Ports, she owns a small circus that operates there performing magic tricks, she is especially talented in levitation. Porcydia wears a mask known as the Grinning Witch which enhances her magical capabilities ten-fold. She is on uneasy ground with Craven after Izubelline nearly drained the life out of Porcydia's Whalion (Whale + Lion).


The Combination of Dare & Arial, she is the owner of the Spinal Hotel, a massive hotel which wraps around the Hellscape. Darial has a cheeky personality and often likes to pop in to visit Lenica when she leasts suspects it, Darial also likes to brag about how successfully her hotel is. Some reckon that Darial is a Demigod although no one, not even Darial is sure. The Co-Op reckons she isn't although The General reckons she is, Darial herself claims she might be although she believes that being a Hotel Owner is better than being a Demigod.


A techno genius to say the least, Mioker is a bit of a strange one as she was brought up by in an artificial environment by a program known as D.O.N. She regards this program as her father and spent her life in what is referred to as the Techno Jungle where she became a master of programming and at the same time being able to sustain herself in a technologically barren environment as her ability to program merely allowed her access to food she would have to search for regardless. Upon turning 18 Mioker was greeted by Denosis, a scientist who had been monitoring her, although she was extremely timid early on she had begun to open up to others, she currently is the head of the Communications Tower in the Ports although frequently visits Denosis at the Techno Jungle both to talk and discuss their lives as well as re-experience the Techno Jungle like in her youth. She is the combination of Mioda & Flicker.


The combination of Denos & Kythesis, an ingenius scientist who had worked with Mioker's father on the construction of the Techno Jungle. An incident early on in the machine's creation rendered it inaccessible and killed Mioker's father. Denosis would spend the next 18 years monitoring and trying to fix the damage to free Mioker. Denosis is a devoted and determined man who's incredible skills at understanding the functions of the Techno Jungle allowed him to subtly guide Mioker through subtle messages on how to deactivate barriers of the Techno Jungle. Denosis now with the Techno Jungle fixed spends his years in peace, occasionally visited by Mioker although frequently using the machine to give tourists a unique experience.


The combination of Umbra Shader & Hein, he is the tax collector on the Ports and is known as the Reaper of Gold. Umbrein takes his job pretty seriously although despite his somewhat intimidating appearance given his large build and noticeable scythe, he is a friendly individual and never threatens those living on the Ports, he often offers to help them out in one way or another. Umbrein seems to also have a fascination with the ocean which is likely lead to his relationship with Andreia.


Working as the head of the Water Purification System on the Ports, Andreia is a dedicated and friendly individual who is the combination of Andromeda & Ligeia. She is a descendant of the royal Siren bloodline although due to her impure blood was rejected from the position of power and forged her own life working at the Ports. Andreia is a bit controlling although this more so works in her favour as her job requires her to take a commanding role, Andreia along with the other semi-aquatic beings of the Ports is able to use the specialized waterways to quickly get from one area to another allowing her to quickly go from her home to her work place or even track down Umbrein very quickly.


Kirissa is the combination of Kirsti Jones & Melissa Dust, she is an employee at the Matchmaker Hotel. Kirissa is a friendly person who acts both as a cleaner and security as Kirissa is able to use her Particle-Kinesis to control tiny particles like dust and look through said dust for potential law breakers. Kirissa is married to Aridi.


The combination of Widi & Aran, he is a genetic manipulation of Ferora, due to her interest in seeing what potential dormant DNA she may have had. Aridi and Ferora get along fairly well although Aridi is often out doing his part in providing security to trade ships going into other universes for the Dualverse, whenever Aridi returns from his missions he always visits Ferora and Kirissa.


A well known magician and the lead magician after Porcydia, Torce is the combination of Topzy & Pierce, he specializes in Light Magic and is distinctly notable for his strange coiled red iris which some reckon is a result of a magic trick gone wrong. He wears an enchanted cloak which many claim give him unusual powers, Torce is not very talkative and often Porcydia or his girlfriend, Rair talk on his behalf. Torce seems to be a bit shy to media coverage and tends to just stand to the side of Porcydia and other performers when asked questions.


The combination of Rose Reaper & Clair Voyant, Rair is a magician like her boyfriend Torce, although she specializes in Illusionary magic and is known to create phantom objects and is known for her trick of the Phantom Goddess where she and Porcydia work together to turn an audience member into a multi-limbed Goddess and have them float up into the air, Porcydia controlling the telekinesis of the audience member while Rair creates the phantom body. Rair is friendly enough to talk to but doesn't usually make friends, she seems to keep her circle of friends small and very close to her.


Nicknamed the Diva of Magic, Abby is the combination of Abba & Lily, she is an impressively powerful witch who uses ancient spells to wow her audience nad performs at Porcybia's School of Magic Arts as both a performer and a mentor, she is extremely talented in classical magic and has a particular knack for dark magic although uses it in unconventional means. Abby teaches Torce and Rair to the best of her ability although finds that Torce does exceed her in some areas of magic making it more difficult for her to teach both of them at the same time.


The head of the Scouts, Zelvi is the combination of Zellen & Evi, she organizes and participates in scouting missions to unexplored universes to try and introduce the Dualverse. She is an extremely talented Dimension Traveller and is one of the few members of the Scouts able to jump down to the 0th Dimension, she is a bit of a goof to be around and although likes to play tricks on her friends. Zelvi is rarely serious and tends to avoid putting pressure on her fellow Scouts when doing their jobs.


A bit of a strange fellow, Locksim is the combination of Lock & Inversim. He owns a small store right at the front of the Ports which is rather visually distinct from the rest of the Ports due to its old-timey appearance. Locksim's Trinkets & Wares sells various devices and contraptions from numerous universes and seems to specialize in antiques, most notably Locksim has a near complete collection of the Holy Grails having 19 of the 24 agreed upon, he seems very eager to complete his collection. Locksim is a bit shady at times as some suspect he sells contraband to visiting tourists although this has never been proven.


The combination of Jared Orlevo & King Ash, this power Half-Magma Sentinel is the commander of the Hellscape security force, a disciplined and well-trained individual, many who work beneath him fear his ferocity and the Hellscape is often used as evidence of Jarash's destructive nature with scars on the biological parts of the Hellscape from his "outbursts". Jarash tries to remain calm most of the time although can easily be worked up, he can control himself around his superiors and tourists as well as especially around Darial who some suspect he has a crush on.


The combination of Posie & Sabel, an assistant of Umbrein's Pobel is a gravekeeper Plagueling, although a calm and collected individual Pobel doesn't make a lot of friends due to her line of work, she is also a bit shy and has trouble talking to people when Umbrein isn't around. She enjoys tending to the Graves and describes it often like gardening and sometimes recalls talking to some of the ghosts there, she tends to hide from any tourists visiting though including Ghostborns.


The combination of Rosie & Blank, Rosink is the Chief Nurse at the Ports' medical center and works closely with the others there, she is a friendly and upbeat woman although some mistake her for a patient due to her tendency to wear bandages around her head. Although she can seem immature when talking casually she is very serious about her job and is currently considered by Lenica & Betsan to be the best worker at the Medical Center.


Voetroney is the combination of Voetrice & Honey, despite her outward appearance is a bubbly character who seems to just live in the Ports, no one knows where her home is and The Co-Op takes care of her by having inserted a small wormhole inside her so she doesn't go hungry. Voetroney seems to just spend her time creating webs around the Ports which are often very beautiful to look at although many tourists are deterred by her appearance. Voetroney seems to also provide security protection for the Ports as she's known to be able to grow to the size of a Galactapus at will and has done this on ocassion when the Ports have been attacked by Marauders, some reckon Voetroney is the daughter of a Galactapus although no one's ever bothered to do a Genetic check to see what species she is comprised of, one thing's certain is that Voetroney is a hyrbrid.


A well known writer on the Ports, Dyal is the combination of Dyana & Coal (3.14). He is known to be a bit of an oddball when it comes to the Ports as she frequently visits areas uncommon even for workers of the Ports. Dyal often visits the Hellscape and the Graves and he has made friends with Darial and Pobel because of this, both of whome regard Dyal as a good friend and describe her as surprisingly well-versed in lots of topics. Dyal is also in a relationship with two people, Skethere & Calelle, they are both aware of his attraction to the other and seem pretty ok with it since she is able to provide for both of them. Dyal is also a hermaphroditic Sketched Person which means he was born with both sexual organs and despite being capable of erasing and sticking with one sexual organ she frequently changes between male and female (that's why this description keeps changing pronouns). To those that don't know Dyal personally he puts on one of two false names and doesn't reveal her real name until he believes she can trust said person, Dayl is his male false name while Lyda is her female false name, outside of a wardrobe change, the side of his face that's covered is different depending on which gender she's sketched himself as, in addition her hair is longer and a very dark shade of red when female and shorter and a very dark shade of blue when male.


Skethere is the combination of Sketch & Overhere, he is a Audio Painter meaning what he paints or presses his hand or paintbrush against can generate sound, he often does this with his artpieces to create beautiful music to be played around the Ports as he works in the Communications Tower in the center of the Ports. Skethere is a calm minded individual and tends to talk rather quietly overall, according to himself, Skethere can't sing and apparently sounds like a dying animal if he does try. Skethere has on ocassion used his power to show the music of a person, every couple of months or so he plays the music of a person instead of doing a painting that way he has time to relax and also due to the requests he gets.


A bit of a strange girl, Calelle is the combination of Calea & Pincelle, she is a Matter Painter meaning she can create physical objects with her art, Calelle is a bit fickle in her personality often acting silly and immature around people most of the time and rarely being overtly serious. Her adoration to paint has caused her to get in trouble on multiple occasions due to her inflicting property damage. Calelle and Dyal's relationship is a lot more playful than Dyal & Skethere's, often the two practise on each other with their natural talents, Dyal using Calelle as a sort of guinea pig for the areas he visits whereas Calelle is allowed to practise directly on Dyal, after an incident however Dyal's now third nipple she no longer lets Calelle draw anything she wants.


The combination of Chief Dongorio & The Spewage Beast. A strange creature that works at the medical center, Donage is in charge of the morgue although rather fortunately he is rarely if ever needed for his job. Donage is a bit of a clutz but means well, he is very handy however in carrying heavy objects around for the others and he is able to take a massive electric current without being physically damaged although at least according to him it hurts a lot.


A strange little creature that wonders about the Ports, Twia is the combination of Sia & Tweeky. No one knows where Twia came from or what species she even is, Twia tends to go up and greet new tourists at the ports and often attempts to hug anyone with her stubby little arms, she can run surprisingly quickly and is near impossible to catch. The Co-Op has told the D.P.D.S. to just let Twia do whatever since she doesn't cause harm, they also built a small hut for her to sleep in at night. No one knows where she got her clothes from however.


The combination of Orithell & Robin, Orin works as a priest at the Bypass Church, she prays to the stars themselves and doesn't seem to otherwise be religiously inclined more so having taken the job to help out with marriages and other ceremonies. Orin is a Sun Mage and is able to create Fire and Electrical based attacks which are strengthened in the presence of a star, although they are kept relatively weak due to the Ports floating in a large empty quadrant of space. Orin has also been seen wandering around the Ports at night with a little light she creates, some reckon she's sleepwalking as she seems unable to recall ever doing this.


A trickster who was banished from Porcydia's School of Magical Arts, Fennra is the combination of Fenne & Aura Synthesia. She is a bit of a con artist often pulling off simple tricks to win money off unwitting tourists, Fennra has been caught on several occasions by D.P.D.S. of the Ports and has had the money redistributed back to its original owners most of the time. Fennra has the terrifying ability of monstrous shape-shift being able to turn into 10 extremely deadly creatures.

  • White - A Space Erasing Creature that looks like a hairy wendigo
  • Red - A strange cactus-like creature that can summon sandstorms and fire toxic needles
  • Orange - A giant four-armed gorilla creature that can create fissures in any surface it hits all four fists with
  • Yellow - A small mosquito-like creature that flies around and will drain the happiness out of someone almost to the point of suicidal tendencies
  • Green - A basilisk sized serpent that will ask people riddles and if they answer incorrectly, will attack them with the ambition to kill
  • Cyan - A giant Frog that is able to bellow out white noise causing physical pain to anyone who hears it croak
  • Blue - A strange orb-like flying eye that can unleash powerful laser blasts capable of causing biological organisms to explode from the heat generated
  • Purple - A strange two-dimensional entity that looks like a wall painting, she can wrap herself around others and take control of their bodies
  • Pink - Unknown shape, this creature is just described to be incredibly fast and can charge through walls
  • Black - A small blob-like creature that spews an acid so corrosive that it vaporizes the very matter it makes contact with although quickly evaporates afterwards


The combination of Thorn & Houdara, a rather anti-social and tribalistic individual, Thorara normally stays in the Graves where she tries to talk to and befriend Pobel who ignores her although on occasion has gone to the Ports. Thorara isn't particularly intelligent due to her symbiotic brain plant, Rosy. According to Thorara, Rosy gives her helpful advice on day to day life mainly involving stuff that benefits Rosy such as staying in the sun and drinking water. Thorara is a remarkably good gardener as well and tends to take care of the plants growing in the Graves and usually plants any flowers placed on or around graves and seems to have some sort of aromakinetic power to help them grow.


A soldier for D.P.D.S., Reddson is a rather strange individual, she is nicknamed the "Warden" by the others due to her commanding nature and tendency to order others around, Reddson is the combination of Commander Redd & Bang Crimson. She lives with her siblings in the D.P.D.S. Tower that overlooks the Barracks on the Ports.


A strange entity that seems to live in the Graves, Vermile often tries to befriend Pobel however the latter often finds Vermile's tendency to play tricks and attempt to spook Pobel to be more annoying. Vermile is the combination of Vermillion & Smile, as an Etherius she is able to phase through objects although once she starts phasing through something she cannot stop until she is in air or a less dense material, this makes it tricky for her when crossing bodies of water as she has to float above them.


Born from the Techno Jungle itself, Bombel is a sentient AI that developed a physical manifestation, she is the combination of Bombyx & Pixel. Bombel is a living Anti-Virus that will attack Viruses that infest systems pulling said viruses into the real world to capture and consume. Bombel can enter the digital world although doesn't like to as it reverts her to her larval form, as such Bombel must make sure she's near electricity every day as unless she's built up a stockpile of captured Viruses she can't go too far. Bombel is a rather childish individual and doesn't really understand a lot since her initial programming was rather simplistic, she is known to bite things to try and sap the electricity from them and is rather ironically afraid of insects after being attacked by a swarm of Fireflies once.

The Glitch

A strange entity that seems to have been created from the same process that created Bombel, The Glitch is the combination of The Duplicate & The Mistake, it is a chaotic being that seems to act on completely random algorithms. No one is quite sure where The Glitch is most of the time although fortunately it seems to be rather weak as its powers to change things from one thing to another are completely random and seem limited to the amount of atoms in an object. The Glitch speaks in a garbled voice and although it is capable of speech no one is sure what it is saying.


The youngest robot created by The Starchild, Radella travels with its creator exploring the stars of the Dualverse to monitor their conditions. Radella was deliberately programmed with minimal pre-known information meaning it learnt about things much like a child does. Radella has some synthetic components around its head which help maintain a processor in its brain to allow for this information growth, some reckon Radella has the blood of a Beorn in these synthetic parts and may be capable of descension.


The third robot created by The Starchild, CURAIN is an artistic robot who works with Dyal, Skethere & Calelle on their art projects, her mid-section is comprised of Infinity Paint, a material that never empties and is useful in painting that was created by The Starchild. CURAIN as well as the others is able to use this Infinity Paint to create beautiful images as once the paint exits CURAIN's midsection it will become the colour the painter is thinking of. CURAIN is the combination of Cura & PAIN-T (based on v3.0), she is a messy artist and a little bit clumsy, although friendly she doesn't talk much unless she goes out with the others to get inspiration from other locations, at least according to her, CURAIN finds that all the paintbrushes are rather ticklish and early on when she was learning her programming algorithms she would accidentally let pain from her mid-section messy up other parts of her as evidence from her arms and legs, she has also deliberately painted the Dualverse symbol on her chest possibly for identification.


The combination of Doomulus Thai & Hybrid IV, Thybrid was the second robot created by The Starchild, Thybrid was built for the purpose of combat and exploration, exceptionally skilled in close quarters combat and packing enough fire power that she her presence is illegal in some universes Thybrid is the go to for D.P.D.S. when the most troublesome individuals make their appearance. She is extremely calm-minded and seems to have her emotional motherboard suppressed to prevent her from overloading.


The combination of Meta-Form & Doomulus Grime. Metarime was the first robot built by The Starchild, a strange combination of parts The Starchild found Metarime is a bit of an oddball in comparison to his younger siblings, he tends to just wander around doing minor tasks on the Ports for people, it would seem that his overall programming is that of a service-based robot although some reckon that he is capable of significantly higher processes as his muttering has been recorded to include high end algorithms and also on occasion spouting the number 0 four times.

The Starchild

The combination of The Programmer & Ciriesta, The Starchild is one of the few individuals of the Dualverse who is not a natural fusion of characters, she is in fact the Entropic Refraction of the deceased Programmer brought to the Dualverse by The General. The Starchild is in fact a dormant entity that once lived inside The Programmer and through her sheer power had suppressed The Programmer's ability of creation. The Starchild originates from the First Time and would seem to have at one stage been The General's teacher, although has reverted to a child-like state due to her dormancy. It's unknown which if any of the First Time Deities The Starchild is if she ever returns to her full power and even what will happen if she does is unknown. Subconsciously, The Starchild seems somewhat aware of her true self and mutters in her sleep about her "true friends", when awake The Starchild may seem just like an alien child who is rather proficient at robotics as she has four robots who perform various tasks. To most people The Starchild is known as Ci likely to hide her identity to power-hungry deities and also to keep her safe from herself, the only one who seem aware of her real name is the General although some speculate The Co-Op might know as well.


Unita's rather strange younger brother, Ripnu is the combination of RIP and Netnu, he is a bit of an outcast on the Ports owning a Weapons Storage House near the edge of the Ports where he keeps weapons that are not permitted to be used in the rest of the Dualverse. Ripnu apparently got this position out of pity from The Co-Op who saw Ripnu's lack of motivation in life and gave him a menial task because of that. Ripnu and Unita do not get along very well as the two argue rather frequently much to their older sister, Xerrilea.


Xerillea is the combination of Xerra & Sadisilea. The older sister of Unita & Ripnu, Xerrilea works as the Communications Director and co-ordinates the scouting parties and their contacts, Xerrilea is incredibly determined and level-headed and is able to maintain composure even in dire situations, she is not much of a fighter however and was removed from the Scouting Regiment when a then child Ripnu came onto the base and beat her up for stealing his toys. Xerrilea holds a grudge against her older siblings although rarely lets this be shown to outsiders likely because it also shows her own weaknesses.


Errsei is the combination of Error & Saisei, a strange girl who was found one day on the Ports, no one knows where she came from or if she's even of this universe. Errsei was more or less adopted by the Ports as a whole and stays with the Co-Op most of the time acting as a sort of assistant, she is able to create pixelate flames from her left arm which seems to have been replaced from the elbow down by a cannon, these pixelate flames turn anything they touch pixelated for a while and also burn like regular fire. Errsei is pretty friendly and has on occasion given tours to tourists around the Ports if they're lost.


The combination of James Zabrent & Geki, he is an officer of the D.P.D.S. and Rosink's wife, unlike his significant other Jaki is a rather serious toned individual usually not taking lightly to most jokes, he is well known for his incredible electric manipulation skills and this seems to resonate with his personality as he becomes more energetic and emotional when fighting often letting off steam at his enemies vocally through a slew of insults, some believe he heavily encouraged his and Rosink's children to join the D.P.D.S. although Rosink has never been openly against them being a part of the group.


A Pyromancer who works as a trader for the Ports, Aleto is the combination of Alena Carter & Plato Konrad and is Jaki's sister and a highly respected individual in the Ports. She is the CEO of M.R.C. which goes out to Alternate Universes to recruit and reform mercenaries to work for the D.P.D.S. and Scouts, Aleto gets along very well with the D.P.D.S. as her brother's side of the family has several ties to the group. At time Aleto's ego does put her at odds with The Co-Op as the two are known to get into furious debates about certain mercenaries Aleto has picked up from universes although usually either they or Tessaia are able to defuse the situation.


Sinireal is the combination of Sinicini & Ethereal. The daughter of Jaki & Rosink, Sinireal is a bit of a flirtatious girl often toying with the single tourists who visit the ports encouraging them to visit the stores around the Ports under the false pretense of her being attracted to wealthy individuals. Although The Co-Op has repeatedly warned single tourists to avoid her she still seems to be a big boost for business. Sinireal works in the D.P.D.S. as a security officer on the Ports and has a good relationship with a lot of the store owners, she seems to have a very effective, anti-pirating system in place for the D.P.D.S. to use since the shopkeepers trust her and the D.P.D.S.


The combination of PalmMan & Mingyu. Palgyu is the son of Jaki & Rosink, he is a very serious individual and is frequently embarrased by his younger sister especially with her tendency to flirt with his friends. Plagyu takes his job very seriously and follows in Hexany's footsteps like an apprentice, he is a skilled swordsman and is able to change the frequency on his left arm for different sword types. Palgyu's entire left side was severed and obliterated during his first year on the D.P.D.S. although fortunately he was quickly stabilized by Betsan and would later be fitted with a robotic body to allow him to continue his job, this new body integrates a bio-mechanical set of systems allowing Palgyu to control plants in close range to him. He tends to carry around a jar of seeds to use in combat in conjunction with his sword.


The combination of Syara & Clair Audient, Syair is an Audiocally enhanced human, she is the unofficial DJ for the Ports and operates the largest radio station there, many know her as DJ Elektra although what many are not aware is that this pseudo-name is actually for two individuals as Syair is biologically linked to a power source known as Fanball, her pet and seemingly symbiot, Syair talks to Fanball a lot outside of their job although it seems to be a semi-telepathic communication as Fanball usually responds through simple squeaks. Syair isn't much of a talker outside of her job surprisingly and some of her friends don't even realize when she's joined in a conversation, this natural ability to not be easily noticed works well for Syair who also works as a journalist.


A strange serpentine creature that lives with Syair, Fanball is relatively small however due to conductive electricity that flows through its body it is dangerous to touch if provoked. Fanball has metallic fur which can become quills if charged with electricity. Fanball tends to stay with Syair wrapped around her neck with her audiojack in its mouth providing electricity to her, Fanball is fairly protective of Syair although Syair seems to posess some sort of telepathic link with the creature allowing her to keep Fanball calm and relaxed. Fanball is the combination of Firball & Fanti.


A golem like creature that is the combination of One & Bowie, Bone is comprised of random materials since his body is able to be easily repaired when damaged. Bone is a bit of an accident prone goof and often causes more harm than good even though he means well. Bone is able to repair his body by attaching solid substances to it, most of the time this is just glass or dust. He did on one occasion get his hand stuck in his own torso when he was showing some friends how malleable his body is and then accidentally started healing around his hand.

The combination of Logi & Two, Logo is a Plasmatic Sparkling able to create high energy electricity and heat and even turn particular materials into plasma. Logo is a bit of a chaotic being and is kept under control by The Co-Op who has him release his built up energy into the Ports reactor to allow Logo to help the Ports and also to keep him calm. Logo likes to play tricks on others although is easily tricked himself and has on occasion sprung his own traps.


A strange creature that looks somewhat like a Beorn although is in fact a plant, Huee is the combination of Hugo Logia & Three. Huee works as a gardener on the Ports using his plant anatomy to check the condition of the various plants that grow on the Ports. He is a friendly individual although a bit slow in thought often umming and erring his sentences. Depending on the season the colour of his bark changes colour.


The combination of Rubber & Four, Fobber is a rather talkative creature that often sparks up conversations with others. Fobber tends to make a lot of friends and a lot of enemies as he is a gambler and has won a lot of things using tricks and illusions, at the same time however Fobber also has a bit of an addiction to gambling and often loses a lot of what he wins either from the very person he got it from or at one of the Ports' casinos. Fobber has on occasion been called to deal with criminal activity as his elastic body makes for a good trap to catch criminals in addition he can harden the rubber armour on his body into a crystalline structure which can break bone if head directly.


An Asteroid Miner, Firon is a half-Crystalite which allows him to detect precious mineral deposits, he was very useful during the Ports reconstruction after damage from a Transuniversal Asteroid Attack from another universe, Firon was able to use his abilities to sniff out precious minerals which the repairmen of the Ports mined out and sold to get the materials needed to fix up the Ports. Firon lives on the outskirts of the ports and is rather distinguishable from other spaceship pilots because his ship is a giant lump of coal. Firon is the combination of Iron Mask & Five.


The combination of Six & The Lie, this serpentine creature is a Sushi Chef at the Ports, known for his precision cuts and fast order to receive times Siie and his restaurant are recommended among many hotels in the area and he has on occasion catered to said hotels. Siie's personality can be summed up as obliviously genius, Siie is rather softspoken to his customers often asking them simple questions that seem just like friendly banter and indulging them in his upbringing, in the flipside however Siie relays this information thanks to his idetic memory back to the hotels he's partnered with to advertise and cater towards the tourists with personalized recommendations. Siie has two mouths although one is often mistaken for an eye and is in fact covered by his beak which when opened can shoot a jet of compressed water likely to deter robbers and disorientate them.


A strange knight who works with the D.P.D.S., Pesven is the combination of Pesh & Seven, he used to be a mercenary although later joined the D.P.D.S. when The Co-Op suspected that people were conspiring against Pesven to send him on suicide missions. Pesven is a bit of an outcast in the organization and more so works on his own mainly just working as a standard wandering security guard and most of the other guards know to avoid him, Pesven has been described as cold and calculating having been known to seemingly predict a criminal's movements and always be one step ahead of them.


A fellow Asteroid Miner with Firon, Light is an Ignitor able to maintain a radiant light from his head or from his candle-like arm. Light is able to superheat his flames to melt most metals on contact although during a mining incident accidentally ignited an explosive material shooting a wave of shrapnel rocks into his body, this has left his body disfigured in some areas most notable the lack of skin around the middle of his mouth, the goggles that he wears to provide him low light vision and also the two rocks that his skin has grown over on his left arm which can't be removed due to them being embedded in his bone. Light is more careful about what he mines nowadays and also acts as a teacher to new Asteroid Miners on what to do and what not to do when mining.


The combination of Finian Felicis & Nine, Fine is a toxicology scientist, examining the effects of chemicals on different species, he works at the same medical center as Lenica and others although works in a separate department to most of them as his research rarely overlaps outside of the occasional subject of his experiments who ends up on the hospital side of things. Fine likes to go into great detail about his experiments and is a bit of a blabbermouth often going onto wild tangents and getting way off topic most of the time.

Valver Platinum

The combination of Silver Heartgold & Valerie Heartgold, Valver is a worker at the main department for the Ports, he works in the legal department dealing with tourists who file lawsuits against the Dualverse for one reason or another. Due to Valver's disconnect from his emotions he is able to perform his job extremely well without becoming attached to any case in particular, a lot of his co-workers have described him as being extremely boring and having a tendency to spout information about the legal system of the Dualverse whenever he gets the opportunity, it would seem that Valver is very proud of his occupation in that regard although has never actually described it either postively or negatively.


The combination of Zero and Strafe, an extremely dangerous entity who nearly killed The Voidchild and The Starchild in the last time, little is known about his whereabouts but he is one of the few non-dieties to have passed over from a time, Strero unsurprisingly as the others who passed over became aware is a Temptock, a species of human-looking creatures able to control time, they were extremely dangerous in the second time as they had begun tampering with it towards the end of that time trying to change what time was. The General ever since speculating his existence in this time put out a warrant for his arrest across the multiverse and speculates that he is likely hiding somewhere in the Dualverse waiting for The Voidchild or The Starchild to appear.


The combination of Ivan & Sudanima, Ivanima is the one of the Scout Commanders for the Ports, he is a level-headed individual who tends to avoid conflict to the best of his ability. Ivanima is also Xerrilea's boyfriend although she is never his communicator as Scout Rules dictate that relationships should not be allowed to impact a mission's performance. Ivanima is a bit sentimental often acting like each mission they go on is some sort of diplomatic peace treaty and often treats the other species no matter how questionable their motives are with the upmost respect.


The combination of Chelsea Rench & Dara Tillertrone, Chera is the owner of the Carrot Cafe, she is a studious and friendly individual who despite having plenty of staff at the cafe still insists on serving and helping to prepare meals. Chera is in a relationship with Hallow who handles the finances of the Carrot Cafe for Chera. Chera's relationship with Hallow's family is a bit dicey as Hallow's father, Zonorp is allergic to carrots.


Sinireal's husband and Hallow's father, Zonorp is a Morphoid, a creature that is able to adjust its DNA when exposed to another organism. Zonorp is critical of himself often talking about his flaws and ways to improve himself and seems to be a bit hit and miss with actually following through on said improvements. Zonorp works as the head of a farming plantation on the Ports that provides food to non-biological based creatures and is well known for his line of Geological confectionary. Zonorp is the combination of Zonas & Zorp.


The combination of Adexene & Nizzle. Adezzle is a secretary at Zonorp Foods Inc. and works directly for Zonorp as his personal assistant. Adezzle has a crush on Zonorp and is jealous of Sinireal because she believes Sinireal is not loyal. Adezzle is a bit of a klutz when not directly doing her job and has been described by her friends to seemingly daydream in the middle of conversations.


A bit of a show off, Grievos is a trader who buys and sells antique wares to Locksim and the two more or less have a working agreement. Grievos often goes off to other universes in search of archaeological finds to bring back and trade with Locksim. Grievos is the combination of Grieve & Deimos, he is a fairly strong individual and has been known to fight for the archaeological finds he acquires.


Zonorp & Sinireal's son, Hallow is a DPDS soldier who is fairly new to the organization. Hallow is a bit of a timid individual and usually has to work himself up before a day of work. Hallow is the combination of Halcyon & Low Warguard Krombopulos. He is also Chera's boyfriend and visits her almost every day after his shift ends. Hallow is a fairly predictable individual and loves Chera despite his father's disapproval due to Zonorp's allergies to carrots.


Darial's girlfriend and the combination of Rokukai and Rosa. Rokusa works in the hellscape and is an important individual in the Hellscape as she is next in line to inherit the crown of Black Flames a symbol of the reigning royalty of the Hellscape. Some reckon Darial is using Rokusa to obtain politcal power as Rokusa's father, King Coal heavily dislikes Darial although tolerates her presence because it makes Rokusa happy. Rokusa however seems to have a split personality as she is suspected of being part of the AP a cult like group that seems to exist in the Hellscape that endorses and causes anarchy much to Kig Coal's pleasure although frustratingly for Darial as her businesses are often attacked.


Darial's best friend in the Hellscape, Shiray is the owner of the Ninth Circle, a nightclub inthe hellscape known for its high class and pervasive torture rooms, Shiray often makes deals with Darial that boost both of their businesses output. Shiray himself is well respected by many at the Ports and the Hellscape and doesn't quite seem like the sort of person who would own a nightclub. Shiray is the combination of Shiki and Ray and is described as well spoken and of high morals often putting his own well being below others and has been known to be lineant and helpful towards those that get hammered at the Ninth Circle, some believe that he has a deal with King Coal to have the police force in the Hellscape look the other way towards some of the lesser crimes his patrons commit, mainly indecent exposure (due to the different laws of physics in the Hellscape one can literally remove their skin without feeling pain) and public nuisances.


The combination of Crymsia & Quetz, Crytz is one of the Scout Commanders at the Ports, she is a well-respected and heavily decorated member of the organization and has been in many conflicts. Crytz isn't the easiest person to talk to as she will often go off on tangents talking about incidents she's been in and recollecting the situations as she can recall them. A lot of people reckon that Crytz has post-traumatic stress disorder from all her conflicts although her mental stability has yet to have faultered and she is recognized as an impressively assertive tactician among the scouts and seems to be able to keep her quality of skill up despite the hardships she's been through.


One of the workers at the Carrot Cafe, Onda is a reliable and very friendly worker although cannot handle intense situations well due to his meek and timid nature. Onda despite appearing rather brutish in appearance avoids conflict and will usually hide during one. Onda is the combination of Oni and Blenda, Onda is often encouraged by Chera to act more assertive as the cafe had been robbed at least once due to Onda's inability to act accordingly.


The combination of Glain & Scaide, Glaide is a flirtatious woman who has DDNA (Double Deoxyribonucleic Acid). She has been in two marriages, one with Ferora and her current one with King Coal. When Glaide & Ferora were in their relationship Glaide would often help Ferora in her battles by hitting on Ferora's competitors to find out their weaknesses and lower their guard when fighting Ferora. Their relationship ended however after Glaide got Ferora pregnant which prevented Ferora from competing causing her to fall below her rival at the time, Tessaia on the ranking. Glaide & Ferora still talk to each other and their children stay with Glaide most of the time since Ferora's life keeps her away from her home a lot.

Glaide's second relationship is with King Coal the current ruler of the Hellscape, it was painfully evident to most that Glaide was in the relationship not only for love but also for the power that being with the ruler of the Hellscape would grant her, Glaide has been an invaluable ally for King Coal as she has been able to sniff out potential assassins and either deter them from killing King Coal or just kill them to protect her husband. Glaide and King Coal are Rokusa's parents and Glaide is suspicious of Rokusa's relationship with Darial, some believe that Glaide has been actively trying to drive a wedge through the relationship to prevent Darial from having a path to power in the Hellscape although nothing is certain. It would seem that due to her husband and daughter's vulnerable political positions Glaide is more likely to stay with King Coal.


One of Glaide & Ferora's children and the combination of Kirana & Scratch Kat. Scrirana is a strange mix of human, cat and bird, the most commonly accepted theory is that due to Glaide's DDNA, Scrirana ended up with dormant genes become activated. Scrirana is a playful and easy going guy who works as part of the postal service at the Ports, he frequently visits the Ports as he feels more welcome there than at the Hellscape has described the Hellscape as boring due to it catering to one group of people. Scrirana is good friends with Scara who allows him to take the train to and from the Ports for free since they're good friends and Scrirana often brings stuff that he finds in the Hellscape and from the Ports to Scara as presents.


The combination of Lexi Larsen & Mycan, Lexican is a Botanist who lives on the Ports, although she rarely stays there since she often goes off to research different plants. In addition to her research she has a fascination with Fungi to the point where she exposed herself to a dangerous fungi known as the Boundshrooms. Lexican has a symbiotic relationship with the fungi that has grown throughout her body, both her and the fungi benefit from easier methods of acquiring nutrients to being able to protect one another in tough situations. The Fungi is permanently bonded to her due to her long exposure although she was able to sterilize it to prevent it spreading to others. She has to be careful with the mushroom heads however as cutting them will cause them to grow back larger and more plentiful, she is suspicious of the Red Boundshrooms around her neck as she suspects they are slowly replacing her respiratory system and will grow into something else.


The combination of Rauna & Gluton, Rauton is the head Gardener at the Ports, she is a friendly individual although seems to have two brains. Her calm and kind demeanour is offset by the animalistic brain that seems to be in control of her second mouth. Rauton calls this mouth Marus and while no one including Rauton is sure what species she is, everyone seems to believe that Marus is a sort of defensive mechanism for Rauton. Marus will try to bite small insects and rodents Rauton finds in the gardens, Marus has also been known to growl at people Rauton thinks are dangerous. Rauton herself seems to have little control over Marus, and often finds herself being pulled along by the animalistic mouth that's actively hunting whatever it has in its sights. Rauton has noted how much more difficult gardening is for her with Marus although thankfully with the help of the other gardeners she is still able to do her job, in addition Marus can usually spot a pest before anyone else so Marus does provide some help at least to the other gardeners.

Chast King

The Ruler of the Undergrowth, a location connected to the Graves, Chast King is Vermile's father and is rather protective of his daughter often warning her before she goes out into the graves of the dangers of the mortal planes. Chast King has a very strict policy on tourists entering the Undergrowth and often is referred to as "a headache" by The Co-Op due to his insistence on more regulations to get into the Undergrowth. Chast King seems to think rather highly of himself and seems to have the belief that he is morally superior to others and knows what's right.

Fusions Suggestions

If you have any suggestions for fusions between characters please list them below, make sure the characters (including Altverse counterparts) have not already been used by previous fusions, if multiple fusions are suggested for the same character I will consider which combination I like the most, there are no guarantees I'll fuse two characters together and I am much less likely to fuse similar looking characters.

  • Clair Sentient + Clair Cognizant

Major Locations

  • The Ports - A large platform that is stationed close to the center of the Dualverse, it is used to transports goods and passengers from one universe to another and doubles as a depot for imports.
    • Matchmaker Hotel - A building on the Ports which is well known by many, it is a hotel who also serves as a way for individuals to meet and potentially form relationships, it is known for being where Multiversal counterparts who've lost their significant other meet hoping to find other multiversal counterparts of the same nature but of their significant other to reform the bond with. The Hotel is owned by Lenica although is heavily funded by Izubelline through Craven.
    • Bypass Church - A Small church located right next to the Matchmaker Hotel, couples that want to get married can easily arrange for weddings at the church, it caters to most types of weddings although keeps them small and simplistic most of the time. Betsan owns and is the head of the church and holds sermons every fortnight although she seems inconsistent on which religious practise (if any) she is following.
    • The Sheetle Farm - A small farm that was added to the Ports about a decade and a half ago, the farm was constantly being ravaged by Izubelline for a while until Craven bought the farm and basically uses it now to keep Izubelline from going away from the docks when she's not supposed to. Izubelline visits the farm on ocassion seemingly still unaware of who it's under ownership of and has been often found gourging herself on the Sheetle there. Most of the Sheetle are drugged with a chemical that while it does nothing to them knocks Izubelline out making it easy to retrieve her once she's drank enough blood.
    • The Departments HQ - The main building where all the departments for the Ports are, it is a massive complex with a long hallway from the front doorway to The Co-Op's office, it has many floors dedicated to the various departments including Energy, Trade, Supplies, Travellers, Residence, etc.
    • Hellscape Train Station - A Train Station on the Ports that heads directly to Hellscape, usually only hellish creatures go into the train station although there have been known instances of other individuals going into the train station as well, likely to sightsee, anyone caught breaking the rules at the train station must face Scara's wrath.
    • Porcydia's School of Magical Arts - A small building on the Ports that is home to Porcydia and her band of performing artists, the building acts as a pocket universe allowing for the space inside to be much larger than the building is on the Ports. It also acts as the performance hall for Porcydia's shows.
  • Marth - Home planet of all Humans and Human-Hybrids, the planet is notable for its impressive iron-rich dirt and Violet Oceans, it orbits Alpha Solari.
  • Luxuli Correctional Facility - A strange and very large correctional facility which deals with those who break intergalactic law, it has a very robotic process of handling prisoners.
  • Hellscape - A large amalgamous structure floating in space, it has a train line going out to it from the Ports, the Hellscape is a large hellish landscape that is said be the hellish creatures that visit it to be a wonderful place. The Hellscape is maintained at a cool 980 Celsius and features various accomadations including the Spinal Hotel, a massive hotel that coils around and through the Hellscape that is owned by Darial.
  • The Graves - A location not far from The Ports, it is a specialized cemetery maintained by a select few, it is a quiet and secluded location which is both serene and eerie at the same time, tourists don't usually visit it although it has had mild attraction from a subset of Ghostborns lately.