Dry Skull
A Dry Skull.
Species Origin Dry Bones
First Appearance New Super Mario Bros. Omega
Koopa Troop

Dry Skulls are the heads of Dry Bones that live on their own without any body. When Mario stomps a Dry Bones in a Ghost House, the skull's pupils turn red and hop around in random directions. The Dry Shell, with the bone limbs and tail are left, until the Dry Skull meets the body in it's path again, as it then can rearrange itself again. Mario can kick the Dry Shell, however, which could act like a normal Koopa Shell, and can defeat the Dry Skull.

Game Appearances

Omega Bonehead

Dry Skulls first appeared in New Super Mario Bros. Omega, where they appear in Ghost Houses. There are Ghost Houses without Dry Skulls, but Dry Bones might appear in some Ghost Houses as well.

Bowser Before Boneheads

The Dry Skull appears as an upgraded power-up in New Super Mario Bros. Koopaling Chaos. He is an upgraded form of the Bowser Mushroom in this game.


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