This is the second world of New Super Mario Bros. ULTIMATE. It is desert-themed and has a large pyramid in the middle. There are a few oasises, too. This world contains the first switch palace in the game, the red one.

Dry Dry Desert 1

Secret Exit

The secret exit in this level unlocks a Toad House and World 2-A, which then opens 2-4.

Desert Secret 1

Dry Dry Desert 2

Dry Dry Desert 3

Desert Tower

Secret Exit 1

This level's secret exit unlocks the cannon, which shoots to World 5. This is not accessible without the Red Switch being hit.

Secret Exit 2

The second secret exit unlocks World 2-6 near the pyramid's summit.

Dry Dry Desert 4

Secret Exit

The second exit unlocks World 2-B and 2-6. B leads to the airship when complete.

Dry Dry Desert 5

Desert Secret 2

Dry Dry Desert 6

Secret Exit

The secret exit unlocks the Red Switch Palace.

Dry Dry Desert 7

Red Switch Palace

Mario starts outside a small shack owned by Toad, who tells Mario that there is a surprise inside. Mario heads inside, where he hits the Red Switch turning all dotted red blocks into Red Blocks. Mario is sent outside and Toad opens a path to the castle, and to the fortress where Toad says a secret exit is now open (see above).

Desert Castle

Desert Airship

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