Dry Dolly
Dry Dolly Koopa
Full Name Dry Dolly Penny Koopa
Current Age 16
Gender Female
Species Koopa/Dry Koopa
Current Status Deceased
Family and Relations
Bowser Koopalings Bowser Jr. Dry Bowser Clawdia Koopa Morton Koopa Sr
Dry Dolly (or Bone Dolly, Skeletal Dolly) is Dolly Koopa after being killed by Princess Peach, Dry Dolly will apear in the upcoming game Bowser's Koopalings 2: Dolly of Doom and will also be the main character/vilian.


Dry Dolly was made when Princess Peach hid in the Koopa Clown Car, Peach pushed Dolly over board into a boiling pit of lava destroying her body. Dolly's Bones however, where fine (as well as her hair, shoes and scrunchie) and where found by a Wizard Birdo. After her bones where enchanted they formed together and made a skeleton that lived- Dry Dolly. Dry Dolly had no memories left of her brothers and sisters and didn't know who she is. Dry Dolly manages to escape from the Wizard Birdo's hut and ends up runing into Princess Peach, Peach uses Dolly's lack of memory to her advantage and befriends her, she tells her about Bowser and the Koopalings and also largley exagorates it. Dry Dolly finds this bad and goes of insearch of the Koopalings and swears she will hunt them down one by one, after the Koopalings defeat her Elly takes her bones to Kamek who makes her back to normal.

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