A savage clone of Bowser created by a failed science experiment.
Full Name Drowser
Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Gender Male
Location Volcanic Wasteland
Current Status Unknown
Lava Troop.
Family and Relations
Bowser (Clone)
Main Weapon(s) Claws, Fire, Shell dash, laser gun, etc.
Ability/ies Black magic and other strange powers.
Vulnerable To Light Magic, Stars, Star Spirits.
Failed Experiment 627950 and Warchief Xnoutious.
First Appearance Mario Kart: Speed's The Limit!
Drowser is Bowser's savage alien clone.


3 years before Super Mario 3D Land, Drowser, known as Warchief Xnotious, lead his tribe on the planet Cblong, a planet located near the Home Planet of the Shroobs. Eventually, the Shroobs invaded his planet, killing him in the process. His people put his remains in a pod and blasted it to the Mushroom World.

When the pod landed, it landed at Mushroom Kingdom Science Lab 326. A scientist found his dead body and took it to the lab. Recently, they found a piece of Bowser's DNA and they made a combining machine. They could combine Bowser with Xnotious to make a powerful warrior. One of the scientists, wanted to use him to his use, so he added Dark Matter to the machine, along with a Power Star. They also added a piece of Professor Fungi's DNA to make him extremly smart. When they pressed the COMBINE button, the machine exploded, revealing Drowser himself. He then bursted out of the lab and teleported to the Volcanic Wasteland, an area of the Mushroom World that was volcanic and rocky. He then set up a base of operations in an abandoned castle.

Moments later, he managed to make a huge army of many species. He called his army the Lava Troop.