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Drooba is an ultracosmic entity that roams the Exalian Rift. For a long time, he has been lurking in the depths of existence, waiting to strike.


Drooba lived in the Old Spursverse, and was one of a group of genetically modified Gloombas who could burrow through the ground without the use of drills. All except him were defeated by Mario and his allies during the events of Lone Planet's first title, Super Mario Crossover Mission.

During the last days of the Old Spursverse, Mario stopped Mandy's plan to spread The End throughout all dimensions, but at a price: a black hole formed and sucked everything into it... or so the Omegaverse thought.

Drooba managed to escape, and constructed The All-New Spursverse with what was left of the old one (he found it floating around in Positive Space). He has left it alone since then, but thanks to the extended period of time he spent in intermultiversal space, he has grown insane. He is now a mighty deity who hallucinates on a daily basis.


Since Drooba was genetically modified to burrow through the ground, he can do so with ease. Floating around in interspace for a long time has led him to be irradiated with pure energy, which granted him the following abilities:

  • He can create time holes.
  • When he absorbs an element, he can create the polar opposite of it and use it against an opponent.
  • Now, his eyes release beams of energy that not only light up dark areas, but blind his enemies as well.

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