"Drip-Drap," is a 3D action-comedy game made for the Wii U and the Nintendo 64. The game is much like Super Mario 64, as you can run, jump, attack, race, and, of course, losing lives.


After looking at Poly-Side, the planet where Drap and his friends live, an alien vessel called the Avenge 360 lands on it and vows to destroy it. Suddenly, a red flying alien named Randri appears and tells Drap and his girlfriend, Drep, that in order to save their world, they need to find the Seven Scattered Warriors, warriors that reside in different worlds of Poly-Side. The two heroes go off, not knowing Randri has something planned...

Major Characters

Major Characters

Drap: Main Hero

Drep: Secondary Hero
Shoppy: Salesman
Randri: Main Antagonist/Ally
The 7 Scattered Warriors: Allies
Crook The Croc: Rival
Silver Drap: Rival
The Avenge 360: UFO
Tyran: Dinosaur

Drap's Dad: Deceased

Mecha 360: UFO-Remade

Swor: Pirate

Zombone: Zombie
Purberus: Three-Headed Cat
Arky: UFO Leader
Slig: UFO Mechanic
Churn: UFO Brute

Stew-Pid: UFO Rookie

Minor Characters

Minor Characters
Villagers: Residents
UFO Workers: Construction People
Fash: Sea Squid
Barkley: Living Tree
Crown Of Immortal: Legendary Treasure

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