Greater Location 20XX Earth
Current Capital Deck Hall
First Appearance Driftvillia (game)
Current Ruler Don Prime
Current Inhabitant(s)
Dryfolk, Driftvillians
Location Type Floating isle/battle ship
Included Environment(s)
Rocky, wooden
Deck Hall, Battle Ship, Market Plaza
'''Driftvillia is a floating city and battleship that is the main setting for Driftvillia. The game's backstory describes the city as envisioned my buisness tycoon, Charles Dillart, in 2034 as a means to create the first airbound environment. However, these ideals did not hold up, and several cival wars turning the dreamed utopia into a horrible dystopia. Many of the serviving citizens were captured and mutated into the large bird hybrids, Dryfolk.

The player first experiences Driftvillia in 2042, five years after the cival wars ended. The main character Jimmy Frilun comes upon the floating isle after crash landing a space shuttle into the dystopia. Jim soon finds himself engulfed in the ongoing and secret cival wars happening beneath the destroyed city.


Driftvillia is a large floating city hovering over the Indian Ocean, somewhere between Java and India. The cities was specificly designed so aircrafts amongst the catagories of jet planes could not fly above it. It is self-sufficient, with a variety of crops created to be in high pressure, and a rain-based system to generate energy.

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